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First gross salary of €2,175 No degree needed: This is how much you earn in these 3 popular jobs |  My guide

First gross salary of €2,175 No degree needed: This is how much you earn in these 3 popular jobs | My guide

GobatSales clerk, administrative assistant, or physical therapist: Many young people begin their careers in one of these three professions. But how much does it bring? How will your salary then evolve if you continue to do these jobs throughout your career? We've checked them for you based on the latest Salary Compass (2023). Jobat.be.

Without diploma: sales employee

It remains one of the most popular jobs in our country: sales representative. Also among beginners. And there's a good reason for that: There are many entry-level jobs in sales. And more good news, without detracting from the many good sellers: you don't necessarily need a degree for it.

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But how much does a sales representative job earn per month? As a beginner with no experience and without a higher education degree, you earn on average a total of 2,175 euros from sales. But it doesn't stop there. For example, after ten years, you already have a gross salary of €2,875 on average. If you stay active in sales, you will receive an average lump sum of €3,467 after twenty years, €3,814 after thirty years, and €3,827 after forty years.

Then we assume that you have not grown all these years, while in sales there is a good opportunity for you. Given the necessary years, it is not unrealistic to become a manager, and then your overall salary will of course increase much more. At some companies, you can also increase your starting salary immediately with bonuses and bonuses.

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Could it be a little more in terms of salary? These are the ten best paying jobs in Belgium.

Bachelor's degree: Administrative Assistant

The administrative sector is also huge in our country. Managerial profiles are the most common occupational group in Belgium. The work can therefore include many tasks, which also vary greatly depending on the sector and company you end up in. Perhaps this is why work in management is so popular among young people?

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For many administrative jobs you do not need a specific diploma. But with a bachelor's degree in office administration or logistics, you will end up not only in company management, but also in other departments, such as human resources, customer services or logistics.

How much do you get paid as an administrative employee who has a bachelor's degree but has no experience yet? Well, that's an overall average of €2,216. Have you gained ten years of work experience? So your average gross salary is already 2,929 euros. If you work for twenty years, you will earn on average €3,532 in total, rising to €3,885 after thirty years. After forty years of work, your average gross income is €3,899.

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Master's degree: Physiotherapist

Physiotherapy is currently a particularly popular master's degree programme, With just under 100 vacancies in our database. Not only because the profession of physiotherapist is very dynamic, but also because more and more people will undoubtedly depend on it in the coming years, as a result of the aging population. In other words, it is a field of study that offers great prospects for the future – and at the same time a good salary.

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As a junior physiotherapist with no experience, you earn on average €3,056 gross. Ten years later, this amount has already risen to 4,039 euros. If you work as a physiotherapist for twenty years, you will earn an average monthly gross salary of €4,871. Thirty years later, the price of the meter is 5,358 euros. This is about the climax. After forty years of work, you will hardly have a higher gross income, an average of 5,378 euros.

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