July 20, 2024

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BRUZZ 24 reported on the costs of the Canal Arts Centre, a year and a half before it opened

BRUZZ 24 reported on the costs of the Canal Arts Centre, a year and a half before it opened


The museum’s finances were previously discussed at a special hearing at the Regional Development Commission. The Financial Inspectorate also had doubts about the financial sustainability of the money flows to the future museum of the Brussels Region.

The Brussels government wanted to conduct an audit to determine whether these concerns were justified. This review examined the feasibility of planned activities, staff budgets and management of business activities. The external audit was presented to the press on Friday.

KANAL’s commercial management model is based on 110 full-time employees, divided into four different services. This concerns reception service (ticketing and shop), catering, temporary rental of spaces and care service. According to the audit, the business model is “transparent, analytical and flexible.” The institution would not have overlooked any important costs.

A little more than half of this amount will be used within the framework of the technical services that the museum will provide. This figure, as well as employee salaries, was also found positive in the external audit. “The team structure appears to be in line with the staff structure in similar organizations,” he added. The payroll was rated as “solid” by the consortium.

Number of Visitors

Canal expects the number of visitors to reach 550,000 annually, a figure on which the number of exhibitions and events planned also depends. This expectation is considered “reasonable” in the external audit. “Based on the analysis, we confirm that the number of visitors, as well as the number of events and performances, is justified, and this is based on standard analyses, industry experience and the previous EY report conducted in 2017,” the report said. is reading.

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Read more below the video with Matthias Vanden Borre (N-VA), among others, who is not yet convinced by the audit results.