April 21, 2024

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Google Battery park in Belgian data center used for backup power – Computer – News

You are confusing poor management of network continuity, where there is already a complete lack of vision with individual projects that are groundbreaking, where Belgium is already leading the way. So it’s wrong to talk about the whole picture, but not so much on individual projects.


Belgium invested very early in the offshore windmills, of which we also have dredging companies such as Jan De Nul. And that gave us a lot of knowledge, as other countries looked at how Belgium could do it.

The largest steam network in the Benelux provides heat to chemical companies so they no longer have to use gas to generate their own steam. The heat comes from processing waste. The second network is under construction.

The data center this article is about is a unique test project by Google for cooling data centers without air conditioning.

It is still in a very early stage, but the entire port of Antwerp wants to use hydrogen as a primary source of energy. This hydrogen will be produced offshore by renewable energy, and there are plans to do so in the deserts. They want to build a complete infrastructure for this to transport hydrogen.

https://newsroom.portofan…More emissions reduction
In parallel with the hydrogen plans, in addition to the infrastructure to transport hydrogen, they also want to be able to transport the captured carbon dioxide through pipelines and then store it underground elsewhere.

These are all progressive projects and not exactly small, and just as importantly, the first three projects I mention have been completed and are effectively in place. So they are not hidden dreams that may ever come true, no, they are things Belgium can be justifiably proud of.

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But as is the norm in Belgian culture, we’re not so proud of them, and even better, most Belgians don’t even know about those projects.

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