April 16, 2024

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Bullfighting festival canceled after bulls were called 'Feminista' and 'Nigeriano'

Bullfighting festival canceled after bulls were called ‘Feminista’ and ‘Nigeriano’

“The festival is over,” the socialist mayor of Giron, Ana Gonzalez, told reporters. They crossed several lines. A city that believes in equality between men and women and in complementarity cannot allow these things.”

The life of the Begoña Festival was already hanging by a thread. At its last congress, the Socialist Party had already discussed plans to cancel the 133-year-old festival due to the growing opposition from the population. With bullfighting being used to “promote an ideology that violates human rights,” the city government was quick to make the decision.


But according to the Unión de Criadores de Toros de Lidia, which unites 345 bull breeders, everything is based on a misunderstanding. According to the interest group, the names are in line with the rules of the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture.

The animals in question are descended from the Feminista and Nigerianano cows. Both cows were purchased by the breeder in 1986 and have produced more than four generations of bulls, apart from any social and political context.

The breeders are supported by the conservative People’s Party of Gijón, which is considering whether legal action can be taken to reverse the mayor’s decision.

Those who are satisfied are animal rights activists. Although the entire discussion made no mention of animal welfare and the unnecessary suffering inflicted on the bulls, activists react enthusiastically on social media. “The feminist bull ending of the Gijón bullfighting festival is poetic justice,” journalist Anita Botwin wrote on Twitter.

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