May 29, 2023

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Bus builder VDL turns heads: 500 e-buses are being built for De Lijn in Italy (Roeselare)

Peter Waters, director of VDL Bus Roeselare, is disappointed that they cannot afford De Lijn’s high demand.© Stephen Bell


Not the builder of Roeselare buses, but Italian company Iveco won a large order for 500 e-buses for De Lijn. VDL and Dutch bus builder Ebusco went to the State Council, but were unsuccessful.

Bert Face

The Council of State has published months of rulings showing who won two big deals from the transport company De Lijn. The largest, an order for 500 18-meter e-buses, goes to the Italian manufacturer Iveco. Roeselare Bus Builder VDL managed to win a smaller order of 75 electrical parts. However, the bus maker is disappointed and thinks they should also take in this other order. However, the VDL demo was left out of the main action due to insufficient battery capacity. VDL believes that the company has been wrongfully removed.

“We calculated it. We had to win,” says Peter Waters, director of VDL Bus Roeselare. The company went to the Council of State, which ruled that De Lijn had made no mistakes. It also appealed to Ibosco, the Dutch bus builder of which Mark Koki is a shareholder. , the Council of State against the appropriation of both the large and the small order The Dutch were also struck to the bone.

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