February 27, 2024

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“Businesses can now also visit our sites virtually using the 360 ​​degree tool.”

“Businesses can now also visit our sites virtually using the 360 ​​degree tool.”

Kinepolis is usually mentioned at the same time as the film. But the Belgian company also has a successful business-to-business (B2B) subsidiary, which has developed into a strong division within the group that coordinates corporate events, takes care of advertising and provides promotional gifts. “We had a great year in 2023 and are again on par with the pre-coronavirus years, so you could say we're back,” says B2B national sales manager Severin Smetz. The reception areas at almost all locations have been completely refurbished recently, giving Kinepolis Business an added asset to businesses looking for a unique location to bring people together and connect with each other.

When you say Kinpolis, you think movie, comfy seating, and popcorn. But companies – from SMEs to multinationals – have also been close to the cinema group for many years. They can reach Kinepolis Business For events, advertisements and promotional gifts. To provide companies with real added value, the B2B department has a number of strong assets. First, there is the national character: Kinpolis has ten cinemas spread throughout Belgium. “Thanks to our cinema unity, customers get a unified experience and service everywhere, from Hasselt to Ostend,” explains Smits. Due to its location on the edge of a major city, most Kinepolis cinemas are easily accessible by public transport and car, and there is always enough parking space available. This means a lot of extra convenience for visitors.

Thanks to our cinema unit, customers get a unified experience and service everywhere, from Hasselt to Ostend.

Sustainably renovated reception areas

Businesses that want to organize an event in multiple rooms can combine different rooms in Kinepolis Business to their liking. “In addition to large and small cinemas, we offer a number of multi-purpose rooms. “We try to take the client's desires into account as much as possible and respond to them,” Smits continues. And it immediately adds an added bonus: the reception areas at all locations have recently been completely refurbished. “Many of these spaces were in need of renovation. We did our best to have a unified look and feel and the same functionality to maintain our national character.

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The reception areas have been given a fresh, contemporary look in light colors with a number of warm touches, such as wood in the walls and bar. “We deliberately chose neutral white tones because they create a 'blank canvas' that businesses can fill themselves. It gives them many options to decorate the room according to their own desires or to display things on the walls. The rooms have also been upgraded in terms of technological options: more sockets, audio High quality, easier operation of LED lighting and adaptability of lighting depending on the target group or event,” says Smits. Anyone curious about Kinepolis' updated reception areas will find a series of photos of each location on the website. Recently, you can also visit them virtually from a distance Using the new 360° toolwhich was developed in collaboration with Youreka.

There is a huge awareness of the importance of presentations and meetings, and that people really need to connect with each other in a beautiful and inspiring environment.

A unified experience tailored to the customer

In the renovated reception areas, the new floor coverings are eye-catching – a big difference from the dark floors of the past. “Forbo Flotex's durable, easy-care textile floor covering combines the warmth, comfort and acoustic properties of carpet, absorbing allergens and fine dust from the air,” explains Smetz, who notes that companies are increasingly using sustainability as a criterion when they choose an event venue. “The fact that this is no longer a ‘nice to have’ but a ‘must have’ is evident from the sustainability survey we are currently conducting with our customers. That is why we are also looking for more Kinepolis Business We are constantly looking for new ways to further develop our cinemas and services while respecting the environmental, social and governance (ESG) pillars of people, environment and community. For example, for our B2B businesses specifically, we are looking with our catering partners at how we can prevent food waste as much as possible.

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For catering – from receptions and snacks to Burgundian buffets and dinners – we work with a number of in-house caterers, notes Smits. “Our partners know our buildings and kitchens best and can therefore provide the best service. We also have regular partners to furnish and decorate event spaces. Our ambition is to ease companies as much as possible. Once they choose multiple theatres, they also switch to one national contact rather than one contact per location This way, we want to make it as easy as possible for them and ensure that we can offer a uniform and personalized experience across all selected locations.

Networking and communication

Smits is convinced that corporate live events are back after a difficult period of coronavirus. “Everyone has now experienced that watching a movie on your TV at home is not the same as on a big cinema screen, with razor-sharp images, clear sound and a delicious snack and drink. This also applies to online or hybrid corporate events: it was These events are perfect in Covid times, but now people want to see each other in real life again. They want to connect and network. And with Kinepolis Business, we can ensure that this is done in a professional way, with the necessary extras included and tailored to the company.

In more difficult economic times like today, companies try to save in different areas. “But there is a great awareness that presentations and meetings are very important, and that people really need to connect with each other in a beautiful and inspiring environment. We see that companies continue to issue budgets for this. The aim of modernizing our reception areas is to once again offer our clients and prospects a framework that meets Their needs, so they choose Kinepolis as the location for their event. We hope that it will give an impetus to B2B activities in Kinepolis. We look forward to welcoming visitors and giving them a unique experience!

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