February 27, 2024

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The store disappears after 130 years, and photos take its place

The store disappears after 130 years, and photos take its place

After 130 years, the Huis Pricken grocery store on Diestsestraat in Hasselt has closed its doors for good. “I cried and laughed,” says manager Marilyn Gamini, the last member of the four generations to close the company.

House Pricken's origins go back to the end of the 19th century. The First World War was not far from over, but the foundations had already been laid for what would become Hasselt's oldest grocery store. Female family members have been responsible for the process for four generations. The customer base is large and Huis Pricken is a place where visitors get to know each other. The doors opened for the last time before New Year's Eve. A decision that does not come easily to director Marilyn Gamini. “I've worked for 45 years and I think that's enough,” says Marilyn. “I can't keep doing this. I'm also happy that I can retire. Then I finally have time to do household chores. After 45 years, I can now go to the market easily. Then I have time for normal things. No, I won't fall into the black hole. I can Now I also devote more time to my hobbies such as reading and walking.

Marilyn says that although the grocery store is coming to an end, she will continue to live in her parents' home. “What will happen to the store? The owner of the record store opposite us has taken over. It will be part record store and part art gallery. So it has a new purpose and we're happy about it,” she says finally.

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