December 9, 2022

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Businessman |  America opens its gates again: 'Travel ...

Businessman | America opens its gates again: ‘Travel …



The U.S. border opened on Monday after a year and a half for travelers from the Netherlands. If you are fully vaccinated and have a proper corona test, you can return to the country of unlimited possibilities three days before departure. So Christmas shopping in New York is possible again.

Edward Warne

8 November 2021

Last Updated: November 8, 2021 19:30

The Trump administration introduced a travel ban. Incumbent President Joe Biden tightened those restrictions even earlier this year. Now that he has relaxed the rules, KLM will fly 64 times a week to eleven destinations in the United States starting today. ,, This is a turning point for us; This is an important step forward from the crisis, “said Peter Elbers, CEO of KLM.

Travel entrepreneur Elske Dots, who specializes in the US, thinks the reopening of borders, among other things, is ‘very good’. She sees a ten percent increase in bookings, but says she’s coming from far away. “Christmas shopping is popular in New York. The city has been hit hard by the Corona. As a result, hotel rooms are cheaper than they were at the end of 2019,” Dots says. “For example, I see travelers to California choosing to tour in a camper. This way they can create their own safe bubble.

Despite the increasing number of pollutants, bookings continue

Strongly growing infections here are not a barrier to consumer booking. With the end of summer, the number of bookings is increasing. “Yes, autumn is wonderful and winter bookings are higher than we expected”, he said. Corendon’s spokeswoman Audrey Denkelaar told

They expect the booking trend to continue at TUI. “The nostalgia for the winter sun is now increasing as the dark autumn days have arrived,” says TUI spokeswoman Petra Coke.

Waiting to go on vacation with more vigilance (for a while)

Are we going on vacation with more awareness now? Dots started calling her ‘deep journey’. With new label Deep desires Consumers who still want to travel, but have an eye for sustainability need to be talked about. “For example, we publish the CO2 impact of travel to Alaska and Finland on the Internet.”

Despite all the color codes, Dots are realistic enough to see the Dutch need to travel and relax. “Get out of those dark clouds. But in addition, as a travel organization, we need to restart sales now as there are no further support measures.”

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