February 1, 2023

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Buying a used car? Even with less than 100,000 km on the clock, these models are not recommended for use | camel

Are you looking for a used car? Then you want to click on the solid model on the head. From what mileage does buying a used car become risky?

The answer to this question is not simple, and certainly not conclusive. After all, there are many factors that can play a role. Vehicle reliability depends on the make, model, year of manufacture, and even the country in which the vehicle was manufactured. For example, Japanese cars have almost proverbial reliability and you could almost blink your eyes to buy a Mercedes C, E, or S from the 1980s or 1990s with 200,000 miles. Even at 300,000 km, you can still get going.

Hybrids are also very reliable. Perhaps because manufacturers have made them more durable so that skeptical consumers can be persuaded.

However, according to the Royal Netherlands Tourism Association ANWB, mileage is of secondary importance. “A used car with high mileage can be a good option,” says Marcus van Toll of the ANWB. Provided there is a definitive maintenance record. Paul de Waal of the Dutch organization BOVAG agrees. “Cars last longer these days. Demolition life is increasing and now averages 19 years. That’s very high. The basic rules that you should steer clear of a petrol car with over 100,000 km and a diesel with over 200,000 km are becoming a thing of the past.” Past “.

Buy a car with a warranty

If you want to avoid the risks, it’s best to buy a used car with a warranty, says de Waal. “The older the car, the greater the temptation not to do it, but that way you avoid unpleasant surprises. When buying, also ask what costs will come in and record them in your purchase agreement. This is also an advantage for the selling party because it prevents discussion later. So you can easily buy.” A car with more than 200,000 kilometers on the clock, as long as it is maintained on time.”

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With these types of models, it can be dangerous to buy them with less than 100,000 km on the clock

200,000 km minimum

Other experts also state that a minimum mileage of 200,000 km is the minimum. Simply because, on average, given your mileage, it’s fairly normal that from that point on, you might theoretically need to replace things like the clutch, gearbox, shock absorber, timing belt, alternator, and starter motor. This does not mean that it cannot last for hundreds of thousands of kilometers, but the risk of broken parts is increasing rapidly.

These are fragile car brands

When you look at reliability, there are still a few specific brands that stand out negatively. A number of models of the Renault, Peugeot, Volkswagen and Mercedes brands from 2001/2002 to 2007/2008 are not superior in reliability. Some models equipped with poorly built engines, such as the 1.4 TSI blocks from Volkswagen, models with first DSG gearboxes, 1.2 TCe Renault or 1.2 Puretech PSA engines, as well as 2.0 BMW N47 diesels are also fragile. With these types of models, it can be dangerous to buy them with less than 100,000 km on the clock.

Cars with a rock solid reputation that are well maintained, always stored indoors, and not abused by their previous owner can easily remain reliable up to 300,000+ miles. However, it is therefore important to always check if there are any reliability comments.

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