June 2, 2023

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BV 24/7. Anouk Mattoon Casts Tomorrowland Winter and Blind Married Reunion | showbiz

BVshow must go onBecause the world of showbiz never stands still. Find out what your favorite BV has been up to in the last 24 hours here in our news stream.



Jonah, Winnie, Kristoff and Nick from “Blind Married” (left) and Anouk Mattoon (right). © Instagram Nick Laenennick_laenen / Instagram Anouk Mattonmattnworld

Jonah Hulselmanshis wife Winnie BogartsAnd Christopher Ramont And Nick Lenin A “married blind” meeting took place. “Experience an adventure like ‘Blind Married’ together that creates a bond!”

Maxim Stojanac He thanks his followers for streaming his song “Under the Influence”.

You are deador MATTN, takes a look at Tomorrowland Winter.

influencer Jamie Lee Six A behind the scenes look at Burger House VTM GO Shortie.

Eve Hansen: “Taking a break. Crossing Switzerland by train. In the mountains. Contemplating the sun. Dreaming in the clouds. Empty brain. Filling my lungs with fresh air and my heart with warm memories. Grateful for all that was and all that is to come.”

MNM DJ Laura Goverts Share photos from the old box, back to the 80’s, 90’s and niles at Sportpaleis.

Camille Dont Share a selfie. She is currently in Berlin.

Camille Dont.
Camille Dont. © Camille Dhont Instagram