April 15, 2024

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in the picture.  Lauren Versnik rocks a new haircut at the Streamz premiere “Déjà Vu” |  film

in the picture. Lauren Versnik rocks a new haircut at the Streamz premiere “Déjà Vu” | film

televisionNo Time to Travel to the Past, Streamz series premieredeja vuHere and now. In Kinpolis Antwerp, two heroines Lauren Versnik (28) – with a new haircut – Yassine Aweish (31) and Vincent Van Sande (31) walked the red carpet. The series can be broadcast from April 7, but first of all, the already well-known Flanders has seen two episodes. Among them is the artist, Idaly Samad, 27, who brought her love for the first time.

The second season of “Déjà Vu – Everything is Predestined” will be released on Streamz starting April 7 with a completely different cast than the first season, and also tells a different story. The only likeness: time travel to the past. Professional cellist Eva (Lauren Versnik) puts aside her dream of building a rich career in London for her boyfriend Halim (Yacin Oech) and her brother (Vincent van Sande). The two have set up a law firm and could use some help. Unfortunately, this comes at the expense of Halim’s relationship with Eva. When you leave him, life doesn’t have meaning anymore. Turning back time seems to help in his eyes, but it soon turns out to have dire consequences…

Lauren Versnik flanked by her parents, Gert Versnik (left), mother Lyn Weissenbeck (right), and sister Morgan. © Christophe Jeslink

to Lauren Versnik (28) The role of cellist Eva is her first leading role. In two months I learned to play the cello without any musical background. “I am real all the way “Gone,” she says, with short hair in an outfit by designer Natan—chosen by Lady Gaga’s stylist, Tom Iribut. “But every now and then he would crackle in my room upstairs (laughs).” Lauren prepared herself for the role in Los Angeles, taking acting lessons. “I kept the role of Eva as close to myself as possible.” Babi Gert Versnik (66) More than proud of his daughter’s first leading role. “I saw that acting talent when she was a kid,” he says. “Lauren has always been very articulate and creative. My dad’s brother was also an actor in the past, so the talent must have run somewhere in the family.”

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Actress of the thirties Idaly Samad She (27) took boyfriend Lothar out on the red carpet for the first time. “I’m so happy with how well the new season of ‘Dertigers’ is doing. Insistence (laughs),” she says.

Yadali Samad and his partner Luther
Yadali Samad and his partner Luther © Christophe Jeslink

the actor Michael Bass (56) Lauren trained as a coach for her first starring role. He says, “I think it’s a very nice move from Lauren to transition from a modeling career to an acting career. Lauren is very eager to learn and was willing to work hard, and that’s what I loved about her training.” itself. I wasn’t there during the recordings. I helped her at first. With a leading role you get a bunch of scenes: how do you start it? We’ve been working on it. “

Actors Michael Pas and Koen Van Impe
Actors Michael Pas and Koen Van Impe © Christophe Jeslink

an actress Els O’Laerts (65) She took her daughter, Johanna, to a picnic in Kinepolis, Antwerp.

Christophe Jeslink
© Christophe Jeslink

Liz Frein She (30) came to support her friend Lauren Versnik. In addition to being actresses, both are also models.

Christophe Jeslink
© Christophe Jeslink

Brand New Actress “Family” Ninalot Rose (20) With her colleagues, including the one on the far right Virl DeGaiger (22) From Assizes.

Christophe Jeslink
© Christophe Jeslink

The result will be exclusive to Streamz To be watched, two new episodes per week.

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