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By 2030, Every Fleming Should Have Fiber: Where Can You Really Use a Fiber Optic Network?  |  Technique

By 2030, Every Fleming Should Have Fiber: Where Can You Really Use a Fiber Optic Network? | Technique

mining companyFiber, or fiberglass, is the Internet of the future. Currently, only 8 percent of Belgians get fibre. But in the coming years, the optical fiber network will be greatly expanded and will replace the current copper network. What does this mean for you? What are the advantages of fiber internet? And how can you actually use it? Mytelco.be Explain it.

Written by Felix Feret, in collaboration with Mijntelco.be

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mining company

Fiber, what is it?

‘Fiber’, in English for ‘fiber’, refers to optical fibres, the technology that forms the basis of a fiber or fiber network. With traditional Internet connections, the Internet enters your home in a different way: via DSL (internet over a telephone line), or via a cable (coax) connection.

Traditional DLS or coaxial communication sends data via electrical signals over a copper cable. Fibers work differently. Optical fibers use light to send data over a network.

Why choose fiber?

The difference in the technology on which the network’s operation is based also explains why fiber is so highly valued. The transmission of the Internet signal through light provides much faster speeds compared to DSL or cable technology. The connection is usually more stable and the same download and upload speed can be obtained over fiber. The technology is also more environmentally friendly.

To make a difference in speed: The speed of a traditional internet connection is usually between 50 and 200 megabytes per second (Mbps). With fiber, the speed is one gigabyte per second (Gbps). Downloading a movie, for example, via fiber, takes a few seconds.

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Where is fiber actually available?

In Belgium, fiber is currently available to individuals only in and around major cities. Elsewhere, operators are fully involved in network deployment, or planning. Fiber network is already available in more corporate places.

advice: You will find on the website of BIPT, the regulator of communications in our country hand map It shows where the fiber has already been rolled out in Belgium.

When will the fibers be everywhere?

Fiber will be ubiquitous in Flanders by 2030 at the earliest. Currently, Belgium has 8 percent fiber network coverage, according to figures from Fiberklaar, a joint venture between Proximus and EQT Infrastructure. In Europe, the average funding rate is 50 percent. So there is still work to be done.

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What subscriptions can I surf over fiber?

Not all operators in our country offer fiber in their packages yet. For example, Telenet does not yet offer a fiber optic subscription. Proximus and Orange, with Flex Fiber and Love Trio via fiber bundle. To be able to enjoy these packages, your home must be connected to a fiber network.

Low-cost players are already offering fiber today. Edpnet comes out on top as the cheapest. to XS . fiber The package pays 35.95 euros per month. The speed here is only 110Mbps, so you don’t fully enjoy the fiber’s great speed advantage.

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If you want 1Gbps speed, you will find the best price at Mobile Vikings. The player started playing recently Home internet and fiber are part of the offer. For unlimited fiber-optic internet at full speed, you pay €53 per month.

attention. Do you want to use fiber optic internet? First check your operator’s website to see if fiber is already available at your address.

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