October 4, 2023

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Catharina Hospital wants to improve cancer treatment with artificial intelligence

Catharina Hospital wants to improve cancer treatment with artificial intelligence

Less irradiation, but at higher doses. With the help of artificial intelligence, Coen Hurkmans, a specialist at Catharina Hospital, wants to improve the quality of treatment for cancer patients.

For radiation therapy for cancer patients, a cancer model of the body is made in advance. Based on this model, an individual radiation plan can then be drawn up. With artificial intelligence, treatment models can be made much faster, according to Katrina Hospital.

It is also possible to improve the quality of models. This can be done by using images from an MRI scan of the data rather than those from a CT scan (a type of 3D X-ray image, ed.). Thanks to these innovations, more accurate radiation models can be made in a shorter time in the future. The idea is that this ultimately benefits the patient.

breast cancer patients

Horkmann’s modus operandi is now being used for some breast cancer patients at Katrina Hospital. There are expected to be models for all groups of patients within five years, the hospital says.

Hurkmans was named a professor at TU/e ​​to further develop the technology. This makes him the seventh hospital specialist to hold a professorship at the university. Collaboration between the university and the hospital should ensure that technological innovations come to the aid of patients sooner. “Our Clinical Physics Department conducts research and drives the implementation of innovations. Such acceleration of care improvement fits Katrina Hospital policy,” says Horkmans.


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