February 6, 2023

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CEO fires 900 people over Zoom, Fox News panel member thinks it's 'cool'

CEO fires 900 people over Zoom, Fox News panel member thinks it’s ‘cool’

Controversial CEO Vishal Garg apologized yesterday for The way he expelled 900 people. He did so via video conference where everyone in attendance was told they had no more work to do right away. In addition, Garg showed little sympathy.

On a Fox News talk show on Wednesday, four of the five panelists agreed that Zoom’s hairstyles were “layerless” and “a disgrace.” Not the fifth.

“I loved this, actually. I liked this a lot,” said Emily Compagno, attorney. “It’s tidy. Sorry guys, bye! They are all snowflakes. They are probably millennials and generation Z. Yes. the job “.

According to Compagno, the layoffs were necessary because some workers “worked an average of two hours a day, while being paid for eight.” After all, Garg previously claimed that at least 250 of his former employees work an average of about two hours a day, she reported. luck last week. “Tell them that their theft is no longer tolerated,” Compagno said on Wednesday’s talk show.

“The market has changed”

The CEO apologized yesterday for the way he announced his resignation. “I have not shown sufficient respect and appreciation to the colleagues affected and their contributions to the Better Program.” Garg is still behind mass layoffs. “The market has changed,” he explained in the resignation video.

Last week, Better.com announced that it had raised $1.5 billion, and transferred more than 1.3 billion euros, from investors, including Japan’s SoftBank. Half of this amount will be in the company’s account immediately.

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