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Manchester City exits despite De Bruyne's goal: Real Madrid advances after a nerve-wracking penalty series

Manchester City exits despite De Bruyne's goal: Real Madrid advances after a nerve-wracking penalty series

Manchester city

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  1. 12' – Goal – Rodrigo (0 – 1)
  2. 38' – Yellow – Dani Carvajal
  1. 59' – Yellow – Jack Grealish
  2. 61' – Yellow – Joshko Gvardiol
  3. 72' – Continue. Jack Grealish Written by Jeremy Doku
  4. 76' – Goal – Kevin De Bruyne (1 – 1)
  5. 79' – Continue. Toni Kroos Luka Modric
  6. 84' – Continue. Rodrigo by Ibrahim Diaz
  7. 90' – Yellow – Rodri
  8. 90+4' – Yellow – Ferland Mendy

Champions League – Second Round – 04/17/24 – 21:02

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0 – 1




Kevin De Bruyne


Kevin De Bruyne

1 – 1

Manchester City will not succeed in the Champions League. Kevin De Bruyne first saved the English favorites from going out to Real Madrid by scoring a vital equalizer in the 76th minute, but then City could not find a second goal (also in extra time). Real proved deadly effective in the penalty shootout.

Manchester City – Real Madrid in brief:

  • Key moment: A few minutes after the equaliser, De Bruyne had an excellent chance from Akanji to give City the lead and finally end a Real attack that was on the verge of collapse. The Red Devil wastes the opportunity, and Real Madrid survives.
  • Man of the match: If there's one man who has a standout game, it's Antonio Rudiger. The German provided an assist for De Bruyne with an unfortunate tackle after a cross from Doku, leaving the score at 1-2 at the end of the first extra time and eventually scoring the decisive penalty.
  • distinct: Real Madrid continues its strong tradition. For the sixth time, the defending Spanish champions were able to eliminate the defending champions in the knockout stage of the Champions League.
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Rodrigo gives Real Madrid the perfect start

The first leg at the Bernabéu presented an exciting spectacle, and after unexpected fluctuations, the two teams tied 3-3. Expectations were high for the new confrontation between Real Madrid and Manchester City, but both teams started the match at a slow pace.

However, the early opening goal came out of nowhere, started by a brilliant move from Bellingham. On a signal from Vinicius, Rodrygo shot first at Ederson from close range, but the replay was successful.

City, this time with De Bruyne in the starting lineup, had to get to work. Haaland came close to making it 1-1: his header hit the crossbar and Bernardo Silva was surprised not to score the rebound.

The home team systematically increased the pressure, without causing Real problems. De Bruyne tried to force it, but Real goalkeeper Lunin was always the spoiler with crosses and long shots. Furthermore, City continued to pay attention to Real Madrid's powerful counter-attacks, with Vinicius always playing a leading role.

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Doku and De Bruyne do it for City

City's pursuit of an equalizer continued relentlessly after half-time, with Lunin immediately having to respond to Grealish's shot. Nacho almost helped the home team. With Haaland at his back, he dribbled past his goalkeeper, but was able to convert the ball into a corner kick just before the goal line.

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Real Madrid was unable to escape the pressure and equalized in the air, but the visitors held on. From an acute angle, Grealish shot the ball through Carvajal's feet, but not into Lunin's goal.

Twenty minutes before the end, Guardiola brought Doku into the fray and that turned out to be a golden move. Thanks to his usual speed, the substitute reached the back line and Rudiger's cross was unfortunately blocked by De Bruyne. He fired the ball high into the net from close range: 1-1, thanks to a 100 percent Belgian goal.

De Bruyne had a taste for that. A long shot went just wide and ten minutes from time he had an excellent chance to make it 2-1. After good preparation work on Doku's part, De Bruyne was able to hit a cross from close range on Akanji's cross, but he shot it over the crossbar.

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City fail in penalty kicks

City beat Real Madrid, so we went to extra time at Etihad Stadium. The first became a measure of nothing, although the sting was almost in the tail. After a pass from Brahim Diaz, Rudiger was suddenly able to hit a free kick from close range, but the German showed why he is a defender and not a striker.

The second extra time led to lower results, so the decision had to be made on nerve-racking penalty kicks. Kovacic and Bernardo Silva, with a very poor penalty kick, failed for City, while at Real Madrid only Modric missed. Rudiger, of all people, sent Real Madrid to the semi-finals with the decisive penalty.

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Stage after stage


Defending champion outside the Champions League. Manchester City came back from 0-1 down thanks to a De Bruyne goal, but despite clear dominance, they cut their teeth against Real. Things went completely wrong for City in the penalty shootout, and Rudiger ended it for Real

Real push through!

Rudiger finished it! Real Madrid reaches the semi-finals!

Ederson's storied colleague

Ederson has to score to keep City ahead and he does. Lunin chose the right angle, but the penalty kick was spot on.

Ederson chooses the wrong side

Nacho also finished the penalty kick accurately. 2-3 per riyal.

Foden scores the goal

Foden is suffering from pressure on his shoulders. After missing two goals against City, he actually scored. 2-2.

Real forward

Vazquez can give Real Madrid the lead!

Lunin saves!

Kovacic takes a deep breath, but he also can't get the ball past Lunin. Great save from the Real Madrid goalkeeper.

Bellingham scores

Bellingham takes advantage of Bernardo Silva's miss and brings Real Madrid back to his side.

Miss Bernardo Silva!

What a strange penalty kick from Bernardo Silva. He kicks a completely failed penalty kick. Lunin can stand there and catch the ball.