May 28, 2024

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Drummer Cesar Zuiderwijk tijdens een concert in Ahoy. (foto: ANP 2019/Kippa Paul Bergen)

Cesar Zuiderwijk (73) runs on the road with the starting squad Sloper

Cesar Zuiderwijk performs again after the annoying corona time, as nearly all performances have stopped. His Golden Earring band was discontinued after founder George Koyman was diagnosed with ALS. The 73-year-old drummer who lives in Baarle-Nassau is now giving concerts with a new band, Sloper. He visited Brabant for the first time on Friday. Sloper performed at De Pul in Uden. Saturday evening at 013 in Tilburg.

“Finally,” Cesar, who now lives in Barley-Nassau, sighed Saturday morning on the Weekend radio show! On Omroep Brabant.

In 2019, Sloper presented herself as the springboard for the first time at Eurosonic in Groningen. There, Sloper scored the highest in terms of penetration opportunities. “The directors of the evening festival itself were already at the gate,” Cesar said. “We were already going to play in all the major festivals in 2020. That was canceled due to the Corona crisis and we are now touring the club. We just did two shows at Tivoli and De Paul. They were both particularly nice, but next year we will be in festivals again. “.

It takes a while to get used to playing in front of an audience after that long. “Tired, haha. Of course we play a lot with the gold earring, and then you stay in good shape. But after not playing for a long time, you have to get back to work. We just trained for three days, very intensely, and then immediately they wait 013 this Saturday evening And we’ll be in Nijmegen on Sunday.”

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Caesar really enjoys being at the bottom of the ladder after so many years of gold earring. “You’re playing with new people again and we clicked right away. After sitting down together for the first time, it turns out that each of us writes music and lyrics. So we kind of form a drag. You throw everything out and then the most surprising things come out of it. So different.” “

Sloper’s first album was recorded in the time of Corona and was called “Pulverise”. “And now it turns out we can also respond very well to each other directly. I’m sitting next to Mario Goossens from Triggerfinger, Animal. We cooperate very well. It takes some getting used to loading and unloading the bus ourselves, which we travel across the country, and setting up my cylinder block. But this is actually a lot of fun. Back to the starting squad, really.”

According to him, the creation of a new band is also a curative treatment, after the sudden discontinuation of Golden Earring. “Sure. I’m very happy with that. The possibility that I wouldn’t be able to play with that intensity suddenly came to me. I’m going to miss that a lot. So Sloper is a happy accident.”

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