June 21, 2024

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Charles Zanna creates his own furniture collection with a symbolic name

Charles Zanna creates his own furniture collection with a symbolic name

Paris has recently been the stage for the unveiling of Charles Zana’s furniture collection, which has been dubbed Ithaca. Inspired by his experience as an architect, he had the idea to put his signature, which is synonymous with comfort, elegance and high-quality craftsmanship, on a set of high-end furniture.

During his career as an architect, Charles Zanna always felt the need to create a soft, decorative landscape. “I love the beauty of empty spaces. I remove jagged edges and rough volumes to create spaces to live in,” he says. His tailor-made creations for individuals and hotels feature subtle curves and subtle color gradations. He drew inspiration from the traditions of designers of the 1930s, such as Jean-Michel Franck, Pierre Charot and Gio Ponty. The result is furniture and decor with subtle touches and hints.

Furniture with subtle touches and hint.

Zana has now created the first high-quality indoor furniture collection. He decided to give the series a code name, Ithaca, which expresses the resilience of his inaugural journey through the agency’s thirty years of experience. His collection includes tables, desk, benches, headboard and lighting, and it was designed with the intention of creating a contemporary living environment. Each piece is designed according to its decorative principles, which are the harmony of material, color and size.

Light plays a central role in Charles Zana’s interior design. Whether lamps are placed, hung, or installed, his designs bring palpable vibration to the room. For example, the legs of stone lamps remind of the still life of Giorgio Morandi-Esque, and the lantern with curved stained glass is a poem by which masters of Venetian glass are known. Its seats are synonymous with comfort. They are available in different fabrics, which, along with polished oak and cedar wood, enhance the sense of transition between the materials. The seat volumes are sculpted in a precise and precise handwriting. The comfortable chair invites the duality of materials and the footstool, like other models, emphasizes the timeless elegance of the traditional upholstery technique. Tables are available in different heights. Small tables act as an extension of the sofas. Cedar wood, in the form of a board with curved or dormer legs, perfectly complements the solidity of limestone and marble. The free-form round desk reminds us of some iconic pieces from the post-war design history. The Calanque coffee table was given a bronze jacket.

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The Ithaca Collection underscores Charles Zana’s commitment to quality and sustainability. It has become a furniture chain according to the needs of the society looking for adaptable and specific furniture. Banner photo: Photography by Vincent Lerou
Photos 2-3: Photographed by Vincent Lerou
Photos 4 to 10: Photographed by François Hallard