June 10, 2023

Taylor Daily Press

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CHECK OUT – These false claims about a Nashville school shooting are going viral

The image shows four examples of offenders who are transgender or identify as not intersex.

The first photo shows Anderson Lee Aldrich shooting multiple people in a Colorado nightclub in November 2022. He identifies as non-binary. The second perpetrator is Alec McKinney, who opened fire at a Colorado school in May 2019 and is transgender. The third photo shows Snochia Moseley, who committed a shooting in September 2018 at a Rite Aid distribution center and is also transgender.

The last photo of the recent Nashville shooter. She was born as a woman, but was recently identified as a man. But we don’t know how far the transformation has progressed. Moreover, the American police are still talking about “her”, and not about a transgender man.

But in addition, the image is very misleading because it gives the impression that trans or non-binary people often participate in mass shootings. However, the all-important context is missing. For example, the time period when these shootings took place is missing. These shootings took place over a period of five years. It’s not just about school shooting either.

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