September 21, 2023

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look.  Police resume the search for a stray lioness near Berlin |  outside

look. Police resume the search for a stray lioness near Berlin | outside

to updateThis morning German police resumed their search for a large cat, possibly a lioness, in a wooded area near Berlin. In consultation with veterinarians and hunters, it was decided yesterday to keep a greater distance at night and continue the search today. This was reported by the police on Twitter.

Police are still calling on people to avoid the forested area south of the German capital, saying it is a “dangerous wild animal”. The animal was first seen around midnight on Wednesday in the suburb of Kleinmachnau. Since then, several reports have been received. Police officers also saw the cats twice. However, a large-scale search operation in the area, which included the deployment of 220 agents, an armored car, drones and helicopters, yielded nothing yesterday.

The loose lioness keeps the mood in Berlin busy since the night from Wednesday to Thursday. Then the predator is first seen attacking a wild boar. The police, with the support of helicopters and drones, dogs and hunters, immediately began searching for the animal. Veterinarians are also present. The police want to catch the predator in an “animal friendly” way. Police confirmed during that day that she may have been a loose lioness.

Parts of the suburbs in the southwest of the German capital were cordoned off several times on Thursday with witnesses claiming to have seen the animal. For example, nearly 60,000 residents of the suburbs of Kleinmachnow, Stehnsdorf and Teltow were warned early Thursday morning via social media and loudspeaker trucks not to leave their homes and to keep pets indoors as much as possible.

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Berlin called on 60,000 residents Thursday morning to stay home because a lioness was running away. Pictures circulated on social media showing a large cat in the bush. © Still Video

“exciting stage”

And on Thursday evening, the police again reported that a lioness was seen in a patch of woods in Kleinmachnow. “We are in an exciting phase, it was just seen,” the police told various local media. Customers use, among other things, some night vision goggles.

Earlier in the day, news emerged that the loose lioness had a lot to do in Berlin. “My phone rings all day,” Sidra Schirl, owner of a flower stall in Berlin’s Zehlendorf district, told the Dutch newspaper AD. “Not finding or shooting down the monster, it scares me in a way.” The reaction of other residents was more curt. “Lioness or not, I’m just shopping,” says Stefan, a balding man in his fifties.

It is still not clear where the lioness comes from. According to local media, zoos and other recognized organizations in and around Berlin will not miss any animals. The pearl may have been kept by a private individual.

Police use helicopters, drones, dogs, hunters and veterinarians during the search.  (07/20/23)
Police use helicopters, drones, dogs, hunters and veterinarians during the search. (07/20/23) ©AP

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