May 30, 2024

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Viewers are huge fans of the war drama with Kate Winslet on Netflix: “Amazing movie!”

Viewers are huge fans of the war drama with Kate Winslet on Netflix: “Amazing movie!”

The story of The Reader on Netflix begins in post-war Germany. Young Michael Berg (Ralph Fiennes and David Cross) falls ill and receives help from Hannah, played by Kate Winslet, an unknown woman twice his age.

After recovering from scarlet fever, Michael seeks out Hannah to express his gratitude. They became involved in a secret romantic relationship. Michael discovers that Hannah likes to be read to, which brings their physical relationship closer.

However, one day Hannah disappears without a trace, leaving Michael confused and deeply sad. About eight years later, when Michael is studying law and closely following the trials of war criminals against the Nazis, Hanna suddenly appears in his life, but now as a defendant in a lawsuit.

When Hannah’s past is revealed, Michael stumbles upon a secret that will affect them both on a profound level. The Reader is a story about finding truth and reconciliation.

Viewers have only superlatives for this war drama: “This film is simply incredible”, “Amazing film!”, “Beautiful novel and film”.

The cast of The Reader also receives many compliments. For her performance in this film, Kate Winslet won the Academy Award for Best Actress: “Kate Winslet was fantastic in this and deserved an Oscar for this role. Ralph Fiennes starred in 3 films: Schindler’s List, The Reader and Sunshine. All about the Holocaust» .

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