May 30, 2024

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Mechelen Court declares 6 bankruptcies

Mechelen Court declares 6 bankruptcies

The Antwerp Commercial Court, Mechelen District, declared six bankruptcies during the hearing on Monday 13 May. The overview provides the opportunity for creditors to make a claim.

  • Prince CompanyAnd car washing and cleaning (Holshot). Coordinator Helen.

  • StickytecManufacture of machines, devices and other tools for specific purposes, not classified elsewhere (Leest). Coordinator Bergmans.

  • Smart dryingRenting and renting machinery, equipment and hand tools for those who do manual labor (Willebroek). Coordinator Bergmans.

  • LM Logistics, Land freight transport: transport of logs, livestock, cars, waste, transport by refrigerated trucks, heavy international transport and transport of bulk goods, including transport in tanks (Lier). Coordinator Jacobs.
  • AOL PropertiesBrokerage in buying, selling and renting real estate for a fixed amount or on the basis of a Michelin contract. Coordinator Jacobs.
  • Belkins Home Nursing, Nursing activities (Herenthout). Coordinator Helen.

More details about the different bankruptcies can be found on our overview page.

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