March 4, 2024

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Chief of Staff Zilliqa Interview: How are Blockchain Games Surviving in a Bear Market?

Chief of Staff Zilliqa Interview: How are Blockchain Games Surviving in a Bear Market?

One area that I may have neglected somewhat in my ongoing analysis of the crypto industry is blockchain gaming.

I’ve always thought the area was ready for blockchain integration, so I’m not quite sure why I’m diving into it just now. The concept that players can own, buy, sell and trade in-game assets such as NFTs and many other facilities seems like a perfect match with the blockchain.

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After all, games already exist in the digital world, so it seems that innovation has to be ripe here. So I want to focus more on space in the future than I have done so far.

I recently noticed the announcement of Zilliqa, the top 100 cryptocurrency by market cap that made quite a bit of noise within the gaming space. Zilliqa has partnered with XBorg, an esports 3.0 organization, to further develop its gaming ecosystem.

Lots of big words, so I was interested in learning more and deepening my understanding of the space. I interviewed Zelliqa’s chief of staff, Matt Dyer, to do just that.

Envis (IZ): How has blockchain gaming been affected by the bear market, compared to other aspects of cryptocurrency?

Matt Dyer, Chief of Staff at Zilliqa (MD): As we can see globally, we are all currently operating in a challenging macroeconomic environment – and cryptocurrencies are no exception. At the same time, bear markets are a great time to build. Gaming has proven to be a resilient industry with strong growth prospects regardless of external market conditions.

At Zilliqa, we see Web3 technologies and blockchain-based features playing a large role in the next wave of innovation emerging in this space, which has fueled our determination and ambition to continue developing our capabilities in this field, despite challenging contemporary conditions.

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IZ: How important is it for the XBorg group of players now to get more exposure to the Zilliqa blockchain?

MD: One of the key success factors – for both games and blockchain systems – is the user base. Valentin Koppelia – our Head of Game Technology – and his team are building an impressive lineup of games, so raising awareness of these games as they fall, improving public visibility and bringing in new players is key to moving the needle with this first and foremost, which will help fuel the XBorg partnership.

We are confident that the quality and value of the games we develop will remain true, regardless of the underlying technology that supports them. The fact that many of its unique features and capabilities are powered by the Zilliqa blockchain – and thus, the exposure that newcomers to our ecosystem will have – is a huge additional bonus for our wider community and all the different uses it includes.

IZ: Does this partnership indicate a greater focus on Zilliqa gaming, or are there other plans to develop more within the blockchain gaming space?

MD: As a Layer 1 blockchain, Zilliqa can be used by any company that moves to Web3 and takes advantage of these innovative new technologies. Gaming is one area where we’ve seen huge potential to showcase the potential of not only Web3, but also of Zilliqa, which is why we’re investing heavily in it as an ecosystem.

We announced last week that Zilliqa is currently developing our own game console, which will be an all-in-one device for gamers in the Web3 world – incorporating not only games from ourselves and our partners, but also a hardware wallet and the ability to mine ZIL tokens when they’re not active in the game. .

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However, Zilliqa’s broader ecosystem is made up of more than just games, with a variety of dApps covering a myriad of use cases, including everything from Web3 ingrained technologies like DeFi and NFTs to disruptive apps in traditional spaces like tickets for events and education.

IZ: What distinguishes Zilliqa from other first-tier projects?

MD: An important aspect of the web3 space in the coming years is for the rest of the world to look at not only the different companies that have succeeded and emerged as leaders, but also the blockchain platforms that support them and enable them to be innovative and thrive.

Since its inception, Zilliqa has enjoyed a reputation as a “blockchain-for-business”, with a feature set that has enabled the creation and implementation of unique businesses and concepts – even if you look exclusively at the blockchain space.

As more companies continue to use Zilliqa as a solution to their blockchain and Web3 needs, we expect further growth. As a blockchain ecosystem, New Horizons’ best selling proposition is the apparent success of other companies that have come before them.

IZ: Zilliqa claims to be the world’s first blockchain that runs entirely on a fragmented network. We have recently seen the merger take place on Ethereum and the hash is set to take place in the future. Do you think this may affect Zilliqa?

MD: As with any other Layer 1 blockchain, Zilliqa is constantly evolving, so while we’ve been a pioneer in bringing hash technology to market, it’s only part of Zilliqa’s value proposition to potential companies and developers.

With hash technology getting closer and closer to reality for the Ethereum network after the merger, in many ways, the increased focus on the benefits of hashing and what it enables can be seen as a real positive for Zilliqa as an early pioneer in the space.

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IZ: How can Zilliqa try to gain market share from other projects and raise the rating? Second, do you think there is scope for many blockchains, or will it be more of a world of interoperability?

MD: In my view, we are moving more and more towards a multi-threaded world where there is not one right answer to build upon, but rather many competing platforms with different functionality and value propositions – just as we see with different competing software solutions on other platforms. Business areas, such as with CRMs .

What sets these different platforms apart is finding the most suitable blockchain for the intended use case, as well as the community of potential users and the ecosystem of supporting applications?

In this world, market share – and by ratings of reach and value – must be gained. This means attracting new projects, companies and dApps that not only embody the value Zilliqa offers, but also attract new users to the community.

This makes taking on important projects and demonstrating the unique points of difference Zilliqa offers an essential part of our work to grow our ecosystem. That’s why we are constantly working to make Zilliqa an attractive and accessible platform to build on, with the imminent addition of EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatibility a major initiative in the field.

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