February 26, 2024

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China is creating the superstructure to win the race

China is creating the superstructure to win the race

China is determined to win the global nuclear fusion race. It is already one of the most advanced countries in this field, and it is now once again showing the extent of its ambition by creating an exceptional union. It brings together China's elite in the field of nuclear fusion.

In the news: China creates a nuclear fusion consortium.

  • China recently announced that it will form a consortium with the country's major companies and universities.
  • The organization, called the Controllable Nuclear Fusion Innovation Consortium, will be led by the China National Nuclear Corporation.
  • It will bring together nearly thirty leading players in nuclear fusion research.
  • In particular, they include China's largest steel and energy companies, such as China Three Gorges Corporation (a leading player in renewable energy, especially in hydropower plants), and State Grid Corporation (the world's largest grid operator, transmission and distributor of electricity). and China Baowu Steel Group (the world's largest steel producer).
  • A total of 25 state-owned companies are part of the consortium. Together with some of the country's best research institutes and universities, they will try to accelerate the development of nuclear fusion.

China has already come a long way in the race toward nuclear fusion


  • China is one of the most advanced countries in the world in nuclear fusion research. The main goal is to reach the point where the fusion reaction is self-sustaining, without a constant supply of energy.
  • One of the most notable experiments is the “artificial sun”. With this tokamak, a device in which plasma can be controlled by magnets, and which people have been working on for many years, China is said to have already reached temperatures of up to 70 million degrees Celsius. This is five times higher than the maximum temperature recorded on the “real” Sun.
  • It is worth noting that China is also part of the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER). This project involves 35 countries working to develop the world's largest tokamak in France. (the biography)

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