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Freezing Temperatures on the Horizon: It's Time to Clean Out Your Freezer and Save That Money on Your Electric Bill |  My guide

Freezing Temperatures on the Horizon: It's Time to Clean Out Your Freezer and Save That Money on Your Electric Bill | My guide

Mining energyAlthough excess ice forms more quickly in your freezer in the summer, winter is the season when it is easier to defrost and clean the appliance, you know. Mijnenergie.be. Cooler ambient temperatures mean that contents can be removed from the freezer for a little longer, reducing time pressure and keeping you working more comfortably. The functionality will be rewarded with additional freezer space and a lower energy bill.

Written by Kurt Deman, in collaboration with Mijnenergie


What are the causes of ice forming in the freezer?

Ice formation in a refrigerator occurs when water molecules freeze into the cooling elements. Excess ice accumulates quickly, especially in the summer months, when warm air often contains more water molecules. Warm air from outside comes into contact with cold air from the freezer, causing condensation. The condensation then freezes inside the device.

Every time you open the freezer door, ice can form. In addition, placing warm products in the refrigerator also stimulates ice formation.

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What (additional) costs does this entail?

Excess ice is annoying because it makes it difficult to open the freezer and loses storage space. The freezer has difficulty reaching the required temperature, which leads to increased energy consumption. A layer of ice just 2 millimeters thick on frozen items can result in a 10 percent energy loss. Since the average closet model consumes about 100 euros per year, the costs will increase in the long term.

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Defrosting the freezer regularly also prevents the growth of mold and harmful bacteria in the ice.

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How do you approach him?

To remove excess ice, it is necessary to defrost the freezer completely. Ideally, you should keep a hair dryer, plant spray, or bowls of warm water on hand.

Once the freezer is turned off, empty it completely. Place a mop under the machine and spray warm water on the caked ice. Place the bowls with warm water to increase the temperature. Scrape the ice with a spoon and clean up any loose items. Dry everything well with a clean towel, turn the freezer back on and put the products back in.

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Why is the time now?

During the summer thawing process, it doesn't take long before ice cream and other products melt. This increases food safety risks and changes the taste or structure of stored foods. In winter, you can simply place the frozen contents outside and you will have more time to successfully complete this annoying task.

Especially since the freezing temperatures arriving this weekend and the beginning of next week provide the perfect opportunity to roll up your sleeves.

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