May 27, 2024

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China is ready to “destroy Taiwan’s independence”

China is ready to “destroy Taiwan’s independence”

Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Colonel Tan Kefei said the recent increase in exchanges between the US and Taiwanese armies is “a very dangerous and wrong move.” The Chinese People’s Liberation Army continues to “strengthen military training and preparations and will resolutely destroy any form of Taiwan independence, as well as any attempts at outside interference.”

In addition, attempts to “seek independence through dependence on the United States” and “seek independence through military force” are “dead ends,” Tan said.

American weapons on the way

US President Joe Biden is now preparing to approve a $500m (€460m) arms sale to Taiwan. The country is also sending another 100 soldiers to the island to evaluate training and make suggestions for better defense of the island.

In addition, the Democratic and Republican parties in the United States have called on the Biden administration to continue selling nearly $19 billion (€17.5 billion) in military equipment. This sale has already been approved, but delivery is still pending.

China chooses intimidation

And China, which claims the island as its territory, is ready to take it back under its control, by force if necessary. It has recently stepped up its threats of daily air and naval strikes around Taiwan. In addition, Beijing has conducted military exercises in and around the Taiwan Strait that separates the island from China. These are seen in part as a rehearsal for the conquest of the island.

Such measures also seem intended to intimidate Taiwanese military, politicians, and voters, though so far they do not seem to have the desired effect. Most Taiwanese are still firmly in favor of maintaining Taiwan’s de facto independent status.

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