April 22, 2024

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China, “where they hid nuclear missiles”. Washington on the brink of World War III, the world? – Free daily

While inside China The centenary of the Communist Party is being celebrated, while there is growing concern in the United States about missiles that could be hidden in the Beijing desert. The warning was raised by an important US research center, according to which Xi Jinping has begun nationwide construction More than a hundred ICBM pits that could even reach Joe Biden’s USA. This was revealed by the James Martin Center, which came to these conclusions after examining several satellite images.

Meanwhile, they are aware that the discovery confirms the urgency from Washington to start talks with China on strategic control of nuclear weapons. According to two researchers who worked on the study, Jeffrey Louis e Decker Evelet, The pits are scattered More than 1,800 square kilometers in the desert near Yuman In the province of Gansu, about 2,000 kilometers west of Beijing. China – as announced Print – Construction sites will be open this year and construction will begin shortly.

According to the satellite images viewed, they are More than 145 new pits are under construction. Silos, which can be charged to nuclear missiles such as the TF-41, has a range of up to 15,000 kilometers and can easily reach targets even in the United States. That’s not all. Because the US Department of Defense also found that China had The operating reserve of nuclear weapons is 200 units And it plans to do more to achieve the capabilities of the United States and Russia.

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