May 26, 2024

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Xi Jinping’s speech threatens world security

Relations between China and the United States have deteriorated in recent months, and there is already no solid basis for supporting themselves. Europe found itself at the center of what became known as the “New Cold War.” Joe Biden And the inevitable trade relations with China.

Today, Thursday 1 July 2021, Xi Jinping He spoke in front of a Chinese crowd celebrating his 100th birthday Chinese Communist Party (PCC). The speech of the President of the People’s Republic of China, which lasted for more than an hour, touched on various controversial topics, during which time there are rumors that there are threats to world security. But is that really so?

Xi Jinping He spoke about the goals achieved and what needs to be achieved, namely national security and the modernization of the military, bringing China to a world-class level. On the same day of the ceremony, a US report revealed that there were hundreds of pits to cover the nuclear arsenal. According to experts James Martin Center for Unrestricted Studies Instead of Montreux it would be a misdirection: empty holes in the ground to simulate the presence of weapons.

Is there a possibility of a nuclear Cold War between China and the United States?

Experts in international politics are trying to comment on the speech during these hours Xi Jinping In a militant interpretation. The same thing happened during the meetings they saw Joe Biden Meet European leaders.

In both cases there were no threats between the two leaders, but the question of the Cold War seems to have more economic impetus than a nuclear one. At least it will be for us, because Europe will not benefit much from this kind of conflict, otherwise the economic consequences of one or the other will not be forgiven because of certain promises.

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Waiting for the US response to the Chinese leader’s speech, and therefore waiting to see if this is a “Cold War”, the public debate is divided between the two countries: those who recall the many cases of Chinese violations and those who accuse the US of wanting to further expand its influence in the world.

Xi Jinping’s speech and threats against American bullies

In a speech to the Chinese Communist Party in celebration, Xi Jinping states:

The Chinese people will not allow us to be intimidated, oppressed or enslaved by any foreign powers, anyone who wants to do so must be prepared to face bloodshed, as well as a huge steel wall built by one and a half billion Chinese

In a speech held in the square Tynemenmen, Wears such clothes Mao Zedong, Xi Jinping never explicitly mentions the United States, but some passages in his speech (such as those quoted) seem to refer to American movements toward the communist country. Xi Jinping actually announced “The time for bullying towards China is over”.

On the other hand, in renewing the NATO alliance between Europe and the United States, the United States wanted to remember that they were adversaries who had to stick together and strengthen: Russia and China, but above all against the latter. US concern, reiterated today in Silos release, appears to be supplying China with nuclear weapons, but not over China 250-350, Compared to Over 5.000 American. Experts James Martin Center for Unrestricted Studies Montreal declared that beyond the mutual accusations between the two countries, it was necessary to discuss the control of nuclear weapons.

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Speech Xi Jinping That fact must be taken into account, as stated by the President of the Chinese Monopoly and the Council for Continental Affairs of the Taiwan Islands. “of Introduce democratic reformsSuch as competition between parties and respect for human rights”Thus avoid this, in the midst of threats, moments of independence and condemnation of countries that have fallen victim to the superpowers.