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Statue Unveiling Ceremony with Lady Diana, William and Harry-Courier.It

Harry arrived just 15 minutes before the ceremony was to begin. The two brothers then walked side by side, renovating Kensington Garden Avenue especially for the anniversary and together They removed the green cloth covering the statue of Diana, Refers to embracing a boy and a girl: she was the «People’s Princess. In the hope that it will inspire visitors to the famous palace where the Princess of Wales lived, William and Harry commissioned it in 2017 to “reflect on his life and his traditions”.

But 2017 seems like a lifetime ago: the two brothers were so close and close then that they lived in two different wings of Kensington Palace, where they shared duties and good causes. Harry began dating an American actress Megan Markle.
Then it all happened: Harry and Megan got married, and within a year they left London, and the royal family said goodbye to an exciting and unexpected farewell and built their lives together in the United States with two children.
But they continue from California Throwing heavy widths Against the royal family through interviews, podcasts and statements.

Thus, it is one thing to be considered a great and heartfelt ceremony The event is classified as “personal” The court ceremony and the two brothers attended the minimum required for the project. I could see them talking, but it only took a few minutes. Very few close friends with them: Lady D’s brother and two sisters.

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According to the newspaper Daily MailHowever, there could have been evidence of a rift between the two brothers: they were exchanging messages in a chat two days ago after England’s huge victory over Germany, and sources close to Diana’s brother, Count Spencer, confirm this. Their mother will reunite them.

Earl Spencer in the middle between Harry and William (AB)
Earl Spencer in the middle between Harry and William (AB)

Whatever happens between the two brothers and between their respective families, Cambridge and Sussex, nothing distracts the love and her memory of the greater part of England for Diana. In fact, since early this morning, dozens of Lady de faithful have been parked in front of the gates of Kensington Palace, with photos, flowers and other tributes to the unforgettable «People Princess.

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