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“We will not be intimidated.” It also builds 100 pits for Continental missiles –

One hundred cannon displays to celebrate Century of the Chinese Communist Party In front of the crowd in Tiananmen Square. Then the voice Xi Jinping, A symbol of slow and sacred, imperial power to the forbidden city from the entrance rostrum. An hour-long talk to remind you that your China is prosperous, stable and has risen to its feet, Proud and confident in his own strength and will not be humiliated, because it is a great wall of steel. There are no Chinese people He never oppressed anyone and now he will not allow any foreign power to intimidate him, Transgress him, subdue him, enslave him. Anyone who tries to do so will be crushed in the head and spilled blood on a steel wall forged by 1.4 billion Chinese, G said.

Give it to her 70 thousand people were built in the square, Carefully selected in several month products, rose to a powerful applause. The state press highlighted Xi Kong’s construction more than any other column praising Shi. The quiet, happy and harmonious life of the Chinese He assured that the Communist Party has the future and development of humanity at its heart. These are his words: On behalf of the party and the people I declare any state Achieved the goal of the first century: We have built a moderately prosperous society, We have solved the problem of poverty in China We will not accept self-righteous sermons from those who think we have the right to teach lessons now.

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The Chinese leader presented himself to someone at the meeting Jacket with buttoned collar, light gray, similar to what Mao wears permanently In the large portrait that adorns the entrance to heavenly peace and overlooks the meditator. Dressed as Mao, founder of the party in 1921 and founder of the People’s Republic in 1949; Xi wanted to point out the revolutionary continuity of China But he is the new Grand Helmin of an economic and military power with global designs. Now Xi Jinping feels invested in historic work Finish Mao’s work, Bringing Taiwan back under Beijing’s control: No one should underestimate the determination, will and ability of the people to reunite China. To crush Taiwan’s separatist conspiracies, The question of national sovereignty and integrity will be resolved.

In a column dedicated to Hong Kong, Even in the former British colony to re-emphasize now Stability thanks to the party’s commitment. In the city where Deng Xiaoping promised to maintain the policy for fifty years, until 2047 One country, two systemsToday marks the anniversary of China’s return to the motherland on July 1, 1997, marked by years of anti-democratic protests. But today all popular meetings are banned, they were 10,000 police officers were stationed to encourage the crowds And sealed at Victoria Park. Long live the best, most glorious and just Communist Party! Long live the great, famous and heroic people of China !. Xi Jinping concludes his centennial speech, The new Mao who has China in his hands more powerful than the founder.

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On the centenary of the Communist Party, it was no coincidence that a US report revealed that it was in the Gansu Desert, some 2,000 kilometers west of Beijing. Satellites discover works to build hundreds of pits used to cover Continental missiles. China has relatively moderate nuclear weapons: 250 to 350 warships and 100 ground-based ICPMs compared to the thousands available to the United States. 119 new publication posts in Gansu will give Shik Other cards to put on the table of the Cold War game played with the United States.

Independent experts from James Martin’s Center for Independent Studies in Montreal, studying photographs of commercial satellites. Washington Post That It can also be a strategic misdirection. The works are spread over an area of ​​one thousand square kilometers and some or many pits may be diverted, i.e. Simulates the presence of missiles without holes in dry earth (Or currently non-existent). Those records will make the Pentagon’s task of control even more difficult, and will open up a new front in the White House uncertain about China’s true military capability. When in doubt, military affairs scholars recommend it The United States and China, among other documents, also need to discuss the control of nuclear weapons.

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