May 28, 2024

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Mikela Murkia’s maze: “I think like Hamas”

When we say the cultural depth of arguments. Michela Murkia, Pseudo-writer, writer, influencer and TV commentator has succeeded in finding a career in any subject, apparently without any title. Very classic, there is nothing that can define it. But the work that really allows her to teach at Harvard: The Shocker of Absurdity.

From Salvini, who is said to have “turned the Mediterranean into a graveyard” to “John DDL, who can begin to change the culture in schools” (which is even more worrying by a former religious teacher), to the shock of the uniform worn by Figueroa, they are like “sons of a mafia boss” For men. It may go on indefinitely.

But not only does it have a tendency to completely eclipse reality towards a particular ideological cause, but all of Murkia’s discoveries (which apparently consist of a group of high-level cyclists, whose nonsense it manages to monopolize the debate for days) are characterized by a confusing fundamentalism.
For Murkia everything is black or white, every question, even the most complex, can be solved in minutes without a useful sentence, a bizarre dissertation and a little knowledge of a particular theme.

The latest gimmick, chronologically, is his best statement if possible.
A few hours ago, perhaps in the grip of boredom, Murkia was put into stories Instagram He asked for a screenshot of an old chat on WhatsApp (which later disappeared) with a mysterious speaker Israelis e Palestinians. The latter, already in the acquaintance, mistakenly believes that he is talking to a person who is very deep and alert, from whom he can gain some new insights. She asks: “… I know this is a complex question – the sender writes to the feminist – it is difficult to understand where the mistakes and reasons are, but you can not answer right now …”.

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Turbo-Murcia, by contrast, has no reason to take time. After all, this is not a complicated conflict, it has been going on for just 80 years, and it does not require any taste and open mind. Three minutes later, in numbers, he replies: “It’s nothing complicated, I think HamasAs if that weren’t enough, they all have a caption with a reinforcing tone: “Clean up your image folders and find old screen shots you can still be proud of.”

But pride in what? The Arab-Israeli conflict demands victims, forcing tens of thousands of people to live in vulgar environments, creating ideological divisions even within the same opposition fronts. But for Murkia, it’s all simple: think of it as Hamas. It should be remembered that a movement symbolizes not only Israel, but also the European Union, the United States, Canada and Japan as a terrorist organization. Moreover, the way one can think about conflict is that it has an Islamic fundamentalist team that is not “magazines” and is not friendly with the rights of women, homosexuals and other cultures in general. In short, Hamas completely denies everything that Murkia teaches 364 days a year. When she is not engaged, for the rest, she is equally absurd to understand WhatsApp chats and succeed in a company that says nonsense contrary to what she usually says.