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China’s security threat, Russia’s military threat tops –

The Final Report of the NATO Summit Looks like a photocopy of Joe Biden’s project. For the first time, China has been added to the list of “risks” to public safety. Russia is right there The military threat tops. At the request of the Americans, the field of coalition intervention is expanding, with a broader explanation of Article 5. Mandatory for all partners Hurry to help Among those who experience not only a military or terrorist attack, but also a “hybrid”: cyber intrusions, sabotage of space operations, false propaganda, should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Donald Trump had questioned the mutual aid mechanism, especially sowing the alarm on the Eastern European side. Biden has revived the tradition: “For the United States, commitment under Section 5 is sacred.” Yesterday he promised the leaders of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia in direct meetings.

At the 30th NATO SummitIn Brussels, Biden received a clearer consensus than the G7. In return, it has certainly loosened its grip on contributions: each shareholder has pledged to set aside 2% of its GDP for security by 2024. This is number one for Trump, but also for Barack Obama. Biden, on the other hand, “makes significant progress: ten states are already in line”. NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg sighed in relief: “Thank you to President Biden for your strong personal commitment and leadership in this Atlantic Paper.”

The conflict started in Afghanistan. The withdrawal of the US-decided military is destabilizing the country. Everyone agreed that it was necessary to protect Kabul airport; Stoltenberg said “Turkey can play a key role”. Biden would have discussed it last night With Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. It was time to discuss the so-called “strategic concept”. The latest edition, since 2010, cites Russia as a “potential creative partner.” To understand how NATO’s perspective has changed, read paragraph 3 of the document released yesterday.

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The main threat is Russia. But the news is China: “Its growing influence and its international policies will become the challenges we face together.” Further, in paragraph 55, it is stated: “China’s aspirations and aggressive behavior pose a deliberate challenge to the international order … China is rapidly expanding its nuclear weapons … It is cooperating militarily with Russia, beginning with exercises conducted in the Euro-Atlantic Quartet”. So, the key word is “challenge”. In all fields, including aerospace and the digital sphere.

The Europeans have joined the fray imposed by Biden. But as French President Emmanuel Macron explained, defining the perimeter: China’s relationship with China is beyond question. China is a major power through which we act on global issues, for example climate.

Meanwhile, Biden is scheduled to meet at the next meeting: Face to face with Vladimir Putin in Geneva. “I will ask the Russian president if he will cooperate. On the other hand, if this continues with hostile acts, we will kindly respond. However, when a journalist asked him if Putin could still be called a murderer, the US leader mitigated the controversy:” He himself admitted what he did in the past, but also to us. It has nothing to do with the meeting. “

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