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Drake: «Middle birth, which is the strongest alliance in history. In the final document, a message to Russia: “Your actions of aggression” –

“Security conditions are still improving. However, one thing remains: the center of the most powerful and successful alliance in history. The Prime Minister said so Mario Draghi Speaks After the Brussels Summit. “As we try to turn the page after the most severe health, economic and financial crises in contemporary history, we realize that security is a prerequisite for protecting and strengthening our democracies and our economic and social systems,” the Prime Minister underlined. “It is necessary to address the NATO Atlantic community,” he explains.

“Russia does not respect international law”

Are in the final statements of the summit Strong news about Russia and China. “It simply came to our notice then Threat to Euro-Atlantic securityReading the document. It is not possible for Russia to return to normal relations between Moscow and NATO until it complies with international law. In fact, the document states: “Until Russia demonstrates respect for international law and its obligations and responsibilities, it cannot be reversed. Business as usual.

The expansion of China’s nuclear arsenal is worrying

As for relations with Beijing, NATO allies acknowledge: “China’s growing influence and its international policies may be Proper challenges We must face it together as an alliance. “We will engage China with the aim of safeguarding the security interests of the Alliance,” the leaders reiterated. Allies are still concerned about the rapid expansion of the nuclear arsenal. ”

Doors open to European democracies

“NATO’s doors are open to all European democracies that share the values ​​of our alliance.” This was read in the final announcement of the summit. “The decisions regarding expansion are NATO’s; no third party can be told in this process,” we re-read. “We are committed to co-ordinating the countries that want to join the alliance, each determined on their own merits. We encourage them to continue to implement the reforms and decisions required for membership. We will continue to support their efforts and rely on them to take the necessary steps to fulfill their aspirations, “NATO leaders wrote in their conclusions.

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