July 24, 2024

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Chinese memory maker YMTC added to US export control list – IT Pro – News

What is remarkable about it? And that’s true 5 years later because they couldn’t do it at first, especially because there wasn’t a need for it. A little mood making, your reaction.

They don’t really mean anything by themselves

That is why China is definitely taken seriously by countries like USA, Russia and India. Because China alone is nothing.

That’s why Italy – just before suddenly creating “unity” in the EU – is in league with China, concluding agreements etc., while the EU can only point angrily at Italy.
Because China alone is nothing.

China is the world’s second largest economy, with gross domestic product (GDP) expected to exceed USD 16 trillion this year (2022). Additionally, it is the world’s second largest financial center in terms of market capitalization (approximately USD 20,000 billion), after the United States (approximately USD 43,000 billion) and Japan (7,000 billion), ahead of the United Kingdom and France. (both about 3,000 billion).
Because China alone is nothing.

Today, nearly all of China’s population (95%) has health insurance, up from 5% in 1990. Thirty years ago, only 30% of city workers were members of a pension fund. This percentage is now almost 70%. According to the World Bank, in terms of gender equality, China’s female employment rate is 60%, compared to the global average of 47%. The number of people with access to a retirement savings plan has increased from 25 million to 900 million in thirty years.
Because China alone is nothing.

What about us here in the Netherlands, happy people, low inflation, good opportunities, rising living standards?
Because the Netherlands represents something independent.

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I think China cares less about its future than the EU. We have become masters at pointing out other countries, their false democracy, their dictatorship, their beliefs.
… We took for granted the building of their football stadiums and humiliating events.
If we can win that trophy, it will be enough
… We bought as much gas and oil as we could from that one vile enemy
If only we were warm in the winter
… We have elected Prime Minister for 12 years. (Even Americans think … 2 x 4 years is more than enough)
But we’re doing better, aren’t we?

For once people need to stop talking bad about others when they have little understanding of the world and play keyboard hero online.

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