June 13, 2024

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Choose socially responsible public procurement with the CSRO standards tool

Choose socially responsible public procurement with the CSRO standards tool

the MVOO Standards Tool Now available online. This tool brings together socially responsible public procurement (MVOO) standards and inspires you to make your purchases more sustainable.

What does the MVOO Benchmarks Tool offer?

The tool contains sustainability metrics and insights that help you make your purchases as socially responsible as possible. The standards include important topics such as climate, circular economy, animal welfare and working conditions.

Sustainability at your own pace

Thanks to the tool’s different ambition levels, you can make your purchases more sustainable at your own pace. This makes developing sustainable procurement specifications much smoother.

Product combinations and updates

In the first phase, the MVOO standards tool covers 17 product groups, including ICT devices, cleaning and office furniture. The tool is updated regularly to keep standards up to date.

Regional cooperation and coordination

The MVOO standards tool is a collaboration between the Flemish Government and the Dutch Government. This gives the Dutch MVI criteria tool a Flemish counterpart. The two regions now use sustainability standards that adapt to their language and context, but are compatible in content. This stimulates consolidated market demand and reinforces commitment to sustainability within the market.

Access and more information

You can access the MVOO Standards Tool via mvoocriteria.be. You will also find more information on this website.

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