December 5, 2023

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ChristenUnie Zwolle draws attention to the accessibility of events

ChristenUnie Zwolle draws attention to the accessibility of events

Zwolle – Accessible Zwolle pointed out to the mayor and local council members after the Zwolle Half Marathon that accessibility for people with disabilities is not good everywhere. This is clear from the questions that the Christian Union poses to the Council.

“It’s important to Zola that everyone can attend events. That’s why we’re donating
Active interest in this topic,” the council answers these questions. Regulators are reminded of the importance of accessibility during the licensing process. The municipality’s website also clearly draws attention to this topic. There was also a meeting/study day for regulators on accessibility last January.

It is not legally possible to impose conditions for access, as each festival is different. . At events – large or small – the municipality closely monitors accessibility, mobility and possibilities for a good flow of visitors and participants.

Half marathon

Navigating downtown during the half marathon is challenging for both mobile and less mobile visitors. For the Half Marathon, pedestrian mobility in a wheelchair or mobility scooter is a major problem downtown due to the specific nature of the event. The space next to the stadium is very tight in the already cramped city centre, and in some places it is too narrow for a wheelchair or mobility scooter, such as Oude Vismarkt and Ter Pelkwijkstraat. There is enough space along the circuit where the half marathon is run to visit the event.

There are manned crossing points at the Half Marathon, but in reality not everyone can use these crossing points during the busiest periods during the run. People can only be allowed to pass if there are no runners, which is generally only the case at the end.

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Special group activities

It must also be said that the organization of the half marathon is doing everything in its power to include people with disabilities in the event:
For example, there is the Race of Champions (the last kilometer) for people who are less mobile or those who are
Otherwise, people with disabilities can participate;
The organization also ensures the participation of people with stomach, intestine and liver diseases
It can be taken by installing several toilets. The point of interest here is that there are no fewer
Toilets for the disabled were installed as they were not available. It is also for visitors
The number of toilets is very limited.
The organization invited a group of wheelchair users to participate in the half marathon
Come and encourage us and I would also like feedback on what this group as a visitor can relate to
Wheel chair. This is done through direct communication between the organization and Toegankelijk