May 28, 2024

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Christie’s work in the church

Christie’s work in the church


Winterswijk – Artist Kristi Letters’ work can be seen in Jakobskerk until September 20. Exhibits Urban Identities 2023 – Hexagon Series (2022) and other works, opening hours: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from 2 to 4 pm, Wednesday from 1 pm to 4 pm, Saturday from 12 to 4 pm.

Kristi Lighters (b. 1974), born and raised in Winterswijk, does architectural visual work. The work shown shows the visualization of space on a flat surface and in space. Her work is particularly recognizable in views with stairs or stairs. Since 2015, she has been making architecture collections again, combining her own photographs and pen drawings with different materials. All cutting and carving is done by hand, she makes pencil drawings without pencil study, or areas colored with chalk, paint or screen printing materials. The choice of crafts is very conscious. She wants to feel and smell the material and stick to it using photo glue.
In 2022, she made a new series of collages in large hexagons (50 x 70 cm). This regular hexagon is a symbol of abundance, beauty, freedom and harmony. There is order in action, everything is composed and a large number of special photographic materials have been used, but also to cut the images in hexagonal form and to use them frequently in the collage. This gives a different perspective on her work. She finds her inspiration in artists such as Piranesi, Gaudí, Escher and Klimt. In space you create architectural objects that can be displayed on the floor, on a table, or on a wall.
Some of the objects will be displayed in the niches of the north aisle of the church. Christy Letters presents a selection of all of her visual work over the past 25 years. Since collage work usually has to be shown behind glass, she photographed some of the work and showed it to Depond. It is then possible to play with digital filters and still produce a new image.
The fascination for the city developed during her studies of illustration and first-class teacher training at the Konstantin Huygens University of the Arts in Kampen (1993-1998), and she was able to express herself in projects such as The City is Language. As a final test work, she created the Urban Object as a wall object containing stories and paintings. Parts of the urban body can be recognized in some collages. In this way, the (private) built city continues to impress. From 1981 to 1993 she took lessons every Saturday from artist Geir Hessen in Javastrat. I also learned from him how to draw with a dip pen. In addition to being an artist, Kristi Letters is also a part-time teacher of visual arts and CKV at Carmel Saland College in Raleigh. In her spare time she works as a tour guide and hostess at Villa Mondrian and her studio and Badweg 10 garden can be visited by appointment.
She will be in Jakobskerk at the following times to talk about her work and show how the collage works: Tuesday 8/22 from 2-4pm, Saturday 9th and 16th September from 2-4pm, Wednesday 13th and 20th September from 2-4pm

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