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Christmas tree allergies are present;  You can recognize it by these symptoms

Christmas tree allergies are present; You can recognize it by these symptoms

Christmas fans won’t want to hear that, but unfortunately, it’s possible Allergies To be yours Christmas trees. We share symptoms.


Some people will be allergic to it as the saying goes. All those shiny things and needles and lights: while one person enjoys it immensely, another person can’t do anything with it. But also literal Christmas tree allergy maybe. You will soon have hay fever-like complaints. Itchy eyes, Sniffendless nBathing And you feel good stuffy. Very unpleasant of course! There’s a good reason why it sounds similar to hay fever. One of the causes of this allergic reaction is related to hay fever.

Hay fever due to Christmas tree

Anyone who suffers from hay fever knows the symptoms well. And then you think you’re done with it once spring and summer are over, but then the Christmas tree throws a spanner in the works. It’s like this: hay fever symptoms are caused by Flying pollen. In the spring, Christmas trees are of course outdoors as well. They also collect pollen from other plants. Once you bring in that Christmas tree, the needles dry out and pollen is released again. You accidentally brought hay fever into your home!

Fungal tree

You can also be allergic to it mushrooms That occurs naturally in a Christmas tree. It sounds really gross, but it’s actually pretty normal. Despite all the splendor, glitter, and angels you’ve decorated your tree with, a tree is still a thing of nature. This fungus occurs naturally and can cause many complaints. This will especially bother you if you have asthma, bronchitis, or a mold allergy.

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Skin problems

Finally, a very well-known problem. Many people get a bad rash from their Christmas tree. It’s not recommended to use all these needles to get nice, soft hands anyway. But the resin can also cause bad allergic reactions. The resin contains a certain substance: Rosin. This is what makes the resin so sticky. Therefore, colphony is also used in plasters, glue, adhesive tapes, and even in some types of makeup. You could also have an allergic reaction to this. Does your skin react badly to plasters or cosmetics? Then try to touch the tree as little as possible. A pair of sturdy gloves when decorating wouldn’t hurt either!

If you are really tired of allergies, you can also choose a fake tree!

Source: Metro UK, Tips & Facts | Photo: Cottonpro Studio (Pixels)