December 5, 2023

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Club Brugge gives Kiel a horror evening and gives Beerschot 0-6 Bandweng |  Kroki Cup 2023/2024

Club Brugge gives Kiel a horror evening and gives Beerschot 0-6 Bandweng | Kroki Cup 2023/2024

The bear was cut down mercilessly. Beerschot was hoping for an evening like the golden years, but Club Brugge took the score at 0-6. Kell saw the blue and black mercilessly punish some mistakes in defence.


4′ Thiago 0-1

23′ Skov Olsen 0-2

30′ Odoi 0-3

33′ Vitelsen 0-4

44’Skov Olsen 0-5

54′ Vettelsen 0-6

Beerschot distributes gifts, and Skov Olsen shines

Beerschot vs. Club Brugge was undoubtedly the most beautiful display of the 1/16 finals. The Olympic Stadium was packed for this encounter, and Beerschot’s 10,000 fans wanted to make a magical cauldron out of it.

But it was Tullis who seemed mainly affected. The Greek allowed Thiago to steal the ball very easily from behind and from an acute angle he fired the opener high into the net after just three minutes. The beginning of a dream for the club, and a nightmare for Beerschot.

However, the home team proved resilient. Mignolet needed an excellent reaction to prevent Reyners from scoring an equaliser. On the other hand, Matias maintained the same level when he was able to prevent Thiago from scoring his second goal.

Beerschot played well for fifteen minutes, with smart combinations, but midway through the first half they shot themselves in the foot again. Kagroo wanted to pass back to the goalkeeper, but lost sight of the separated Skov Olsen. The Dane gratefully accepted the gift and made the score 0-2.

The beginning of the Skov Olsen show. From a perfect corner kick, Odoi made it 0-3 and moments later Skov put Olsen Chimanga wide and Vetelsen made it 0-4. Skov Olsen put the icing on the cake before half-time with his second goal of the evening, a stunning long-range volley into the net.

Vetlesen adds one more

After two assists and two goals, Skov Olsen was rested in the second half, but even without the Dane, the club was further ahead. After all, Beerschot kept handing out gifts. Matthijs returned the ball to Matijas very short and Thiago Vetelsen was able to provide his second goal of the evening: 0-6.

The score almost became 0-7, but that was without a double save from Mathias. Following a pass from Vettelsen, Nosa fired a great chance from close range straight at the goalkeeper and at the start of the second half Barbera also failed to get past the Croatian.

Providing honor is no longer possible for Beerschot, who was simply too light for Club Brugge’s squad and can shift focus back to the promotion battle in the Pro Challenger League. Club Brugge gains confidence for the summit match against Union.

See Dilla, Skov Olsen, Matthijs and Odoi’s responses here

“Very professional performance”

  • Andreas Skov Olsen (Club Brugge): “We played very well. We scored beautiful goals and kept a clean sheet. In the second half we played professionally. I am very satisfied. It was good to score two goals and I gained some confidence. With this second goal I shot the ball very well.” “That was a beautiful goal. We’ve had some games where we didn’t score much. So it’s good for the team to score six goals now.”
  • Hervé Matisse (Beerschot): “Every shot from Klopp in the first half went into the net, and it was painful and confrontational. We gave away three goals ourselves, I made a mistake too. We can now focus on competing again. After the 0-1 draw, we got a good result.” “The moment, but we lost it again. The club has a lot of quality and if they face an evening like this, it will be very difficult for us. We should not worry too much about this result and continue working in the league.”
  • Ronnie Deila (Club Brugge coach): “We performed well, and we were well prepared as well. We hurt them on the wings and defended well. We were also very effective, especially in the first half. I admire the players. In the second half, we performed well.” “We were also able to bring in some players who haven’t played much yet. That’s good too. It’s a good day for us. Goals give confidence. We score a lot of goals, but in periods. We have to try to do that.” More regularly.”
  • Denis Odoi (Club Brugge): “We can be very happy with this performance. It’s never easy in the cup, it doesn’t matter what category the opponent plays in. We had a very professional performance. Beerschot started well, but then we had to hold on for a while.” “But then there were 20 killer minutes and then it became difficult for them mentally. We have to confirm every match and now a very important match awaits us on Sunday.”
  • Bjorn Meyer (Club Brugge): “That was a nice snack and good for confidence. Finally another race, which you then think was easy. And the fast progression made it easy and then we just kept going. Then the individual category came to the fore, especially through Skov Olsen. Thiago also performed very well. He persevered well, that’s how we know him, and he shot the ball very well. He’s in a slightly more difficult period. We see his qualities, but it doesn’t always work out. “This is good for him. Now we have to extend this efficiency in the match against Union.”
  1. Second half, 90th minute, the match is over
  2. Second half, minute 88, over. With their fingers in their noses and also thanks to Beerschot’s defensive blunders, Club Brugge advanced to the 1/8 Cup Finals. The club had already finished third in the Challenger Pro League at half-time after Skov Olsen’s display. Vettelsen added another goal in the second half. 0-6, the win doesn’t get any clearer. .
  3. Second half, minute 88. The last achievement in this match is a free kick taken by Zinkernagel. After that, Odoi headed wide of the goal, but the first whistle was called a foul. .
  4. Second half, minute 86. Barbera gets another chance, but his shot is wide of the target. Just before that, Matthias caught attention again. Dribbling the goalkeeper too far from his goal. .
  5. Second half, minute 82. Will Beerschot save his honor? The second half resulted in the club’s sixth goal, but it turned out to be largely unnecessary after Brugge’s display in the first half. Will there be a tribute to Beerschot in the final minutes? .
  6. Second half, minute 79. Three substitutions. Beerschot adds three new names to the team. Verlinden, Tshimanga and Michez can rest. They were comforted by Bowles, Wemans and Al-Hassan. .
  7. Second half, minute 74. Nosa collides with Matijas again. Nosa would also like to score his own goal. He rushes through a clever dribble and attacks, but Matijas falls. The goalkeeper clearly believes that six goals conceded is more than enough. .
  8. Second half, minute 72.
  9. Second half, minute 70. Balanta ends the match. He was replaced by Onyedika. .
  10. Second half, minute 68. Al-Senussi decides the matter. Despite the desperate situation, Berchot continues to play football. Sanusi forces a shot at the edge of sixteen. His shot doesn’t go far beyond the goal. .
  11. Mathias prevents the seventh goal! It was almost 0-7, but that’s without a double save from Mathias. Nosa always has to score from a low cross from Vettelsen, but he settles in from close range on the goalkeeper. At the start of the second half, Barbera was also unable to pass the ball past the Croatian. . Second half, minute 65.
  12. Second half, minute 63. Beerschot did not learn any lesson from the previous mistakes. Once again the home team suffers from losing the ball due to negligence. Barbera immediately initiates the transition and fires Skoras, but he fires recklessly from the edge of the sixteen. .
  13. Second half, minute 58. Barbera’s first appearance. They are also making a double change at the club. Barbera could make his debut, replacing Thiago. Vanaken then gives way to Zinckernagel. .
  14. Second half, minute 58. Double substitution. Two new powers for Beershot. Reiner and Tulles were brought on in place of Keita and Nzwango. .
  15. Second half, minute 54.
  16. Second half, minute 50. Vettelsen punishes another foul from Beerschot. Once again they make a mistake in Beerschot’s defense and the club again punishes him mercilessly. Matthijs returns the ball to Matijas very short and Thiago is in the middle. He returns the ball to Vettelsen and scores his second goal of the evening. .
  17. Second half, minute 48. Verlinden is trying to get something out of Beerschot. He cuts to his right and swings. Boyata turns his shot into a corner kick and it leads to nothing. .
  18. Second half, minute 46, the match started
  19. Second half, 9:51 p.m., yellow for Van Heembeek. Van Hembeck ostentatiously pulls the palanta down. He will receive a yellow card. .
  20. Second half 21 hours 48. Second half. Skov Olsen’s offer will be limited to half. The Dane was rested in the second half after two goals and two assists, and Skouras comes on as his replacement. Major also remains on the bench, with Boyata taking his place. .
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