March 24, 2023

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Coldplay has stopped making music

Coldplay has stopped making music

“Our last album will come out in 2025, and after that we’ll probably just tour more.” It was quite a bombshell that Coldplay singer Chris Martin dropped in the interview in question. Although the ad does not mean that Martin and his colleagues. She will never be found in the studio after 2025. The front man leaves the door open for collaboration between Coldplay and other bands. “But Coldplay’s catalog as a band will not be renewed after 2025.”

This isn’t the first time Martin has hinted at the end of the tape. In October this year, in an interview with music magazine NME Remember, he plans to make only three more albums with Coldplay. This would bring the total to twelve, which seemed like a good number for Martin. The year 2025 was not chosen by chance either. The band’s first album, Umbrellas, was released in 2000. So the last Coldplay record was released just as the band was celebrating their 25th anniversary.

This news comes just two months after the band released their ninth album with Music For Spheres. Associated with this venue is a large-scale world tour in which the band places a strong emphasis on the environmental aspect. For example, a kinetic dance floor is installed during performances, which provides a source of energy when people dance on it. Despite the progression of the Corona virus with all its variables, it remains to be seen if this tour can continue in its current form. The band’s last tour in 2017.