March 5, 2024

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column.  Gert Host on 'I Ask For It': 'Finally another show where people will gasp and cry' |  Ltd

column. Gert Host on 'I Ask For It': 'Finally another show where people will gasp and cry' | Ltd

LtdEvery week, Geert Host (63 years old) presents his unique and satirical vision of the world in the film “Dag Allemaal”.

Finally good and cheerful news. With “I Ask”, VRT once again presents an entertainment program that will make people gasp and cry. I write entertainment programs consciously, because no one can be dry with interpretation programs like “The Appointment” and “The Seventh Day.” This is honestly crying. We can conclude every day that Belgian politics is more terrible than life on the farm or at Camp Weisse. Or worse, a day on public transport in Flanders. Hell! There is a large box of tissues next to the remote control.

It is clear that the government channel is preparing us for the results of the upcoming elections. No one will be left dry after that. They will guide us with buckets and mops to the Valley of Tears on Sunday, June 9. Next year, there should also be a Wettest TV Show category on De Kastaars. Radio waits for a counterpart to the “laugh.” Come on, Peter van de Veer and Sven Ornelis, who's coming up with “The Tear,” in which we have to guess which famous tear gland is crying?

“I ask for it: a new music program by Nils Destadsbader.” © Thomas Joines

There is more hopeful news. The comfort and care centers are empty and this time they are not lying across the service exit. Aging politicians who survived Covid are proudly heading towards adventure. Every few days a former minister is plucked from behind the pedestrians and glamorized to appear on the electoral rolls. There's a good chance that VRT 1 will start the series with all those old glories after “Hotel Romantiek”. I can feel it in my tea water. Wrinkles and wet eyes are guaranteed in the “hotel policy”. Rommekop is in an old, dilapidated building of health insurance companies on the Belgian coast. It seems to me to be the perfect formula for Dieter Coppens. Bus trip to Benidorm, 'down memory lane'. Prepare your napkins, and the napkins are ready.

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A word of comfort for those in their 30s and 40s who need to take a break. Politicians, cyclists, footballers, farmers and outdoorsmen take an example from Niels Destadsbader. Nils is back after a difficult period. So, a pat on the back for singer Natalia, who failed the harsh physical and psychological tests, lack of sleep and hunger of the Special Forces… due to a fracture.pinkske.

Dear Nils, can you do something for Natalia for “I ask”? com. alstambark? Song please, it doesn't matter which one. Just do something Pink. I'm already wiping away a tear.

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