September 22, 2023

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Company from Stable Weissen buys 250 million turnover

Company from Stable Weissen buys 250 million turnover

Producer of sustainable aluminum segments and rails E-Max in Dilsen-Stokkem struck the blow of his life. The extrusion group acquires three similar German companies from the American Constellium group in one fell swoop. The E-Max thus doubles in size.

E-Max is one of the largest European companies in the field of recycled aluminum extrusions and is the main arm of the Vaessen Industries group of Jose Vaessen & Sons Ben and Bart.

“We’ve been looking at acquisition opportunities for a few years to expand the capacity of our extrusion business,” says CEO Dimitri Votig. “Because the demand for our environmental aluminum products is constantly increasing. With the acquisition of three more German extrusion companies – in Landau, Krillsheim and Burg – we immediately doubled our extrusion capacity and significantly expanded our sales area in Europe.” The E-Max Group immediately acquires 400 more employees and 250 million euros in annual sales: again doubled in both areas. In this way, E-Max advances to the top three in Europe of aluminum extrusion machinery and becomes the market leader in the field of aluminum extrusion.

The three German extrusions were acquired by US-listed Constellium Group (NYSE: CSTM), a global market leader in aluminum products for the aerospace, automotive and packaging industries, with a turnover of €8.1 billion. E-Max puts 48.8 million euros on the table for the three companies. “Mainly the American group wants to focus on aluminum products for the automotive industry, which is why these companies are put up for sale,” explains Dimitri Votig. “This is an excellent opportunity for us, as the three German companies are at the heart of the German (auto) industry. And with the electric car boom, more aluminum will be needed.”

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