July 18, 2024

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Contest: Battle with three friends in Isonzo

Contest: Battle with three friends in Isonzo

Those looking for a good team-based shooter should look into it now. Modern titles in the genre haven’t been very successful after all. Fortunately, the rescue comes from our country in the form of Isonzo, the latest title from developer Blackmill Games. To celebrate the release, we are presenting four versions of the game so you can team up with your friends!

In Isonzo, you fight a war towards the northern Italian battlefields during World War I and fight, for example, in the Alps and of course in the Isonzo River. Here you can cooperate with players from all over the world or computer-controlled robots and try to achieve victory in different battles. But of course it is fun to do it with your friends, so we give a total of four copies of the game on PC.

What you need to do is simple: answer the following question before September 13th using the form below:

What battle would you like to see return in a squad-based first-person shooter?

You can participate in this contest until September 12th. Do not forget that at the time of entry you must also be a member of Servant of Discord Your username must fill out the form. Then we will select the winners and contact you personally. Below the form you will find our promotion terms, which apply to this contest. Good luck and God bless you!

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