April 21, 2024

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Contestants risk their lives in "America's Got Talent: Extreme", and it doesn't always end well

Contestants risk their lives in “America’s Got Talent: Extreme”, and it doesn’t always end well

Jonathan during a previous job. © ITV

Risk your life to win $500,000. This is “America’s Got Talent: Extreme,” part of the well-known format in which remarkable accomplishments are central. And they don’t always end well.

This program was also written by jury member Simon Cowell. Over the past fifteen years, note that the famous Got talentForm also has its limits. By always filming in theaters or television studios, it was impossible to stage large-scale shows. Think business with professional skaters, human cannonballs, motocross riders, acrobatic stuntmen, and dangerous stunts on a trapeze. From now on, they will have a place in this sub-show, which contains only gruesome and astounding acts of gigantic size. Simon Cowell referees alongside WWE star Nikki Bella, motocross and rally driver Travis Pastrana.

Altogether, the recordings were going smoothly, and the rehearsals weren’t at all. Candidate Jonathan Goodwin, who previously appeared as a regular Got talentIn the series, he was permanently paralyzed while practicing his new dangerous act. He was hanging upside down in a restrictive jacket and had to get off while two cars swayed beside him. But the timing wasn’t right and the two cars collided with each other. The collision caused an explosion and Jonathan was seriously injured. He spent at least four months in the hospital. The man has been in a wheelchair since then because he was paralyzed from the waist down. “Just a miracle cure, some kind of stem cell surgery or some miraculous invention, will make him walk again,” said Jonathan’s fiancée, actress Amanda Abington, better known as Mary Watson from the BBC series. Sherlock. Shocked by the impact of the accident, the rehearsals were interrupted for several months, but the doctrine is also present in America: “show must go on“.

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Aaron Evans predicted in the first episode, among other things. Three racing cars at high speed are approaching him. Milliseconds before the head-on collision with Aaron, he jumps over McLaren cars. The gentlemen at Joogsquad also demonstrate how you can surf on a surfboard over burning water.

America’s Got Talent: Extreme, VTM 2, 20.35u