October 7, 2022

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Corona gives children the same complaints as a cold

Corona infection in children is often the same as the common cold. Often the complaints are the same. Now that’s not necessarily news, but research by UMC Utrecht has shown very detailed data on symptoms of the disease in children for the first time, explains pediatrician and epidemiologist Patricia Brugging. NOS reports this.

The coronavirus has also spread widely among children for the delta variant. UMC Utrecht says about two-thirds of children under the age of 12 are now infected with the coronavirus. This is more children than previously thought. This is partly because children received fewer tests in the early stages of the epidemic.

Complaints about colds

But what also plays a role is that it does not always appear in children that they have corona. After all, complaints correspond to colds. “Thanks to the diaries that they all kept, we were able to compare the symptoms of corona and other respiratory infections,” explains pediatrician Bruijning from UMC Utrecht. The severity of complaints and the type of complaint do not differ from corona or a cold. “By the way, this is definitely not the case with adults, as this research also shows.”

By: National Education Guide

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