April 17, 2024

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Kluitinge will have to be creative with the available space

Kluitinge will have to be creative with the available space

via: Jeppe Routier


KLOETINGE – VV Kloetinge has recently implemented a renovation plan to improve the space available to it and thus ensure quality football for its members. The association has grown by approximately thirty percent in the past five years to reach more than twelve hundred members. This requires expansion, but in a place where expansion is no longer possible, you have to consider other solutions.

Chairman Jan Kees de Bruyne explained: “We considered moving the entire club to another location, but after careful consideration this turned out to be inappropriate.” “So we started looking for other solutions about five years ago, in cooperation with the municipality, to provide space for our members. These solutions did not include expansion on the current site, because that was not possible given the nearby nature reserve. So we decided, among other things, to rotate the stadium a quarter of a turn.” Providing the main field with artificial turf and lighting.”


The goal of this renewal plan is to continue receiving new members in the short term while ensuring quality. “We monitor quality closely and will also step in when it is necessary to slow down the growth of the association. “Fortunately, at the moment we still have a number of redesign methods on the shelf, which unfortunately are not always our favourites, such as playing on Friday, which we hope will allow us “By moving forward for a while.”