April 23, 2024

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Summit NL |  Can the Dutch Space Office win the space race against NASA?

Summit NL | Can the Dutch Space Office win the space race against NASA?

About the episode

Space is the final frontier! What opportunities do entrepreneurs miss in the infinite universe? Are NASA and the European Space Agency competitors or colleagues? Today, “The Top of the Netherlands” will launch into space with an extended conversation with Harm van de Wetering, Director of the Dutch Space Office.

Broadcaster Meindert Schott asks him if…

– Space travel is not primarily a cost item;

– Dutch policy pays enough attention to this;

– Space will not soon be filled with space debris;

– The European Union is sufficiently independent;

NASA is a great example to the rest of the world.

About the Dutch Space Office

The Dutch Space Office is the central contact point for all space matters in the Netherlands. It has been around since 2009, and came out of the Netherlands Institute for Aircraft and Space Development.

About Meandershot

Meindert Schott is a journalist and radio presenter at BNR. It offers, among others, the programs of the National Auto Show and BNR Mobility. This week he replaces presenter Thomas van Zijl.

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