June 14, 2024

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Corsair is now also releasing water-cooled M.2 SSDs in white

Corsair is now also releasing water-cooled M.2 SSDs in white

Corsair adds white variants of ultra-fast M.2 drives under the name MP600 Pro XT Hydro X White to the range. There are two versions, 2 and 4 TB. Until now, the disc water coolers were only available in black, but the actual water cooler unit will soon also be available in white. Builds even. By the way, the actual M.2 engine remains black. No pricing or official release date has been announced yet. The original black Hydro X SSDs cost approximately 400 and 850 euros respectively based on our Hardware Info product comparison.

The storage sticks are compatible with the M.2 2280 format and use PCIe 4.0 for sequential write and read speeds of up to 7100 and 6800 MB/s, respectively. The 2TB variant holds 1400TB, while the 4TB version should last more than 3000TB.

Water cooling for the M.2 drive is very rare. early 2020 YouTube introduced LinusTechTips Another video in which he himself built such a function on ssd. It states that the M.2 SSD drive is not affected at all under normal conditions heat suffocation, An effect that occurs when chips become hot enough to reduce performance. In fact, according to Linus, nand chips damage twice as fast when used below 40 degrees. Perhaps a pirate took this into account.


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