March 4, 2024

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Corsair K10 Air Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Review

Corsair K10 Air Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Review


Corsair raises the bar for excellence with the K100 Air Wireless. The keyboard costs about 300 euros and this is very expensive. The engineering is undoubtedly impressive. Corsair has squeezed Cherry’s UltraLowProfile mechanical switches for laptop keyboards into an ultra-thin keyboard, along with enough battery, features, and customization options to keep you going for years. However, the keyboard isn’t completely quiet and you can’t make many physical adjustments. For example, you cannot replace keycaps and there is only one option, which is a non-interchangeable key. The keycaps on this premium keyboard are made of less premium ABS and the tactile keys are a bit high in our opinion.

Almost anyone who has ever looked at a mechanical keyboard will quickly realize that there are quite a few variants to choose from. From standard full-size keyboards with 104 keys to more compact variants. You have a lot of options when it comes to switches or physical keys if you want to. Dozens of brands each with a variety of variants provide hundreds of options for your switches. And then you can choose your keycaps, with different profiles and colors.

Most mechanical keyboards have in common that the switches, whether they are the well-known Cherry MX, Kailh, Gateron, Geetech, Matias, Alps or Topres switches, to name a few, are millimeters or 20. The switch cap is added on top of that, and the circuit board is positioned printed and housing underneath, so the mini keyboard can easily reach 40mm in height. However, there are more and more mechanical keyboards with ultra-low profile keys and keycaps being launched on the market: low-profile and ultra-low profile keyboards like Logitech’s G915 and G815, and Keychron’s K3 and K5 to name a few. Corsair also has keyboards like the K70 Low Profile and K60.

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here comes with K100 Air Wireless Very flat option. The K70 is around 29mm in height while the K60 is 31mm in height. At just 17mm in height, the K100 is noticeably flatter than the Keychron and Logitech keyboards. We’ll see how a hacker managed to do this on the next page. Be careful, because you pay 300€ for the super flat. Not a crazy amount for a high-end custom keyboard, but quite expensive for a major ramp.