May 27, 2024

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Corsair K70 Max Keyboard Review – Tweakers

Corsair K70 Max Keyboard Review – Tweakers

In summary

With the K70 Max, Corsair has released a keyboard that replaces the well-known Cherry MX mechanical switches with switches with magnets inside. Corsair has named the switch MGX and the concept is very reminiscent of Steelseries Apex OPX switches or Wooting’s Lekker switch. As with these switches, you can set trigger points for individual switches and even set dual functions. The MGX switch does not have an analog function like a Lekker switch, although in theory it could. The K70’s build quality is certainly good, as you’d expect from a premium keyboard. The iCUE software is generally well laid out, but there are still areas for improvement. With the K70, die-hard gamers can choose between RGB lighting or responsive gaming thanks to the Tournament Switch and fast Axon technology.

Corsair has released its latest keyboard: the K70 Max. The keyboard uses mechanical switches, but with a twist. MGX switches are magnetic switches, so you can adjust them to your liking. We will of course look at how that works in this review.

The K70 Max is a full-size keyboard with 104 keys. Corsair adds a few extra (media) keys and a drum, bringing the total to 112 keys. It’s the Max’s first keyboard, but certainly not the first in the K70 series; We currently count 30 of these types at Pricewatch. This is just the tip of the iceberg, because at Corsair you can filter on no fewer than 80 K70 variants. If you need more K70s, you can also contact Nokia; They have phones also called K70 Max.

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The K70 Max is unique because of its magnetic switches. This isn’t just new to the K70 series, the K70 Max is Corsair’s first keyboard with this type of switch. So in this review, we mainly focus on this feature, but of course we also look at other features of Corsair’s latest keyboard. The K70 Max comes with a kickstand and is priced at $230.