May 24, 2024

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"Costa!"  Starring Ella-June Henrard |  TV

“Costa!” Starring Ella-June Henrard | TV

TV“Costa!” is back. Not a sequel to the success of 2001 but a new movie called “Costa!!” It will hit theaters in the spring of 2022. With the same ingredients: sun, sea and love. One of the leading roles is reserved for Ella John Henard (28).

On Salou Beach, tourists crawled out of their bath towel this past weekend. On the edge of the Mediterranean, the members of the “Costa!!” team gathered New to show the new movie. Antwerp actress Ella John Henard is now part of the main cast. Henrard has recently become a famous face in the Netherlands with her leading role in the TV series “Swanenburg”, which has just ended. Ella-June is also known for her “fair trade” and “my worst friend”. The actress will also soon appear in “De Kraak” (coming soon on VTM).

Twenty years after Kurt Rogers and Dutch celebrities like Katja Schuurmann and Georgina Verban made Spanish beaches unsafe, there’s a new thriller that is heartening. “But it’s not the second part,” warns John Karthaus, director and scriptwriter with Dedrick Jekyll. “Costa!!” She stands alone, but there are things to be recognized.”

Ella John Henard, Tina De Bruyne, and Royland Fernhout. © m

Zoe Ivory on Costa Press Day!!

Zoe Ivory on Costa Press Day!! © m

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More humor and music

Among the crew of the first film and the series of the same name, only Katya Schurmann was left. “Of course she had to read the script first, but she was ready for it,” says Karthaus. “We did some shooting in Holland and tomorrow we will start working here.”

“Here” is Salou, Spain, where the crew and cast will put the film together over the next four weeks. In the story since then, Katja Schurmank played Frida, a player who had to attract visitors to the Costa club. In the last film, which will be released in cinemas in the spring of 2022, she plays the role of a mother. Her daughter Anna (Abby Howes) travels to the Spanish coast to experience adventures with Pepe (Stephanie Van Air). Other roles are reserved for Tina de Bruin, Roeland Fernhout, Lisa Zweerman, Sinan Eroglu, Zoey Ivory van der Koelen and Oscar Aerts.

How different is this Costa? Karthaus laughs. “It will be a true romantic comedy. With more humour, more music and more dancing.” For the latter, the choreography, he involved Timur Stevens. “The cast goes well with that. We have so many versatile talents on the set. A joy to work with.”

Costa crew!!

Costa crew!! © m

Soya Crohn's and Abi Ma'oul during Costa Press Day!!

Soya Crohn’s and Abi Ma’oul during Costa Press Day!! © m

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